Sunday, July 29, 2007

Post Secret

It's summer, I'm in full summer mode, sleeping in, lazing around in the morning with no particular place to go, kind of reminds me of summer holidays when I was a child! I can remember when I was single and childless, hearing women talk about the year, and how holidays and so forth were defined by the school year - and I used to think "wow, what a drag, to have to follow that schedule still as an adult!" But now that I have a school age son of my own, I'm enjoying getting back on that schedule....although I anticipate September in a much different way now, than I did as a kid! But we are most definitely enjoying our summer holidays! It gives me lots of time to surf, and come across sites like this

People send in handmade postcards with their deepest secrets --- every Sunday new postcards are up - check it out, some so sad, some make you laugh....all make me think.....