Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by my friend Roxi and I'm supposed to tell you 6 or 7 random things about myself....which is so hard, because, although I am a talker, it's taken me forever to come up with something to say here....but I'll give it a try!

1) When I was young, I was constantly breaking my arm....no kidding, I had 3 casts (1 on the right, 2 on the left) and more sprains than I can remember --- I was (and still am) a VERY klutzy kid, and was constantly tripping and falling and breaking an arm -- everyone had theories about why - my Grandpa said I didn't drink enough milk.....but really, I think I was just a big klutz! Oh, broke my collarbone once too.....that was fun!

2) I don't know how to snap my fingers.....never learned......oh the shame!!!

3) I love being a Mom!!! Before I had my son, I didn't put a whole lot of thought into the whole "having kids" business......I always knew I wanted, to, it's what you do after all, when you get married......but I have never been a baby person.....even 1 week before my son was born, I remember distinctly being afraid to hold my newborn nephew.....I was the type that always said "no thanks" when people offered me their kids......but once I had my own son....WOW....everything changed. I'm still not chasing after people to let me hold their babies, but I do love kids, love to be around kids, and if I'd known this about myself before, I would have become a teacher!

4) I'm addicted to television -- always watching something, soap operas, daytime talk shows, you name it, I've seen it.....and wow, thank God for digital recording!!! Should I be ashamed of my television viewing habits? I suppose....BUT I'M NOT!

5) I'm spoiled.....yes, I admit it. I have a cleaning lady, I go for massages, I get regular manis/pedis, facials......why do women feel guilty about that sort of thing? I don't know...but I try not to!!!

6) I love the beach! I'm a northern girl, born in Canada, in NORTHERN ONTARIO, a fairly snowy area of Canada.....but I secretly lust for a beach!!! I don't particularly like to SWIM in any body of water other than a pool, but I love to be NEAR the water......

7) I'm afraid of snakes -- but am trying to overcome this fear. I've always been so afraid of snakes I couldn't even watch them on tv then, along comes my son, who sees nothing wrong with snakes! So now, I can watch Animal Planet, even watch the biggest, ugliest snake, and not flinch too much......I can live with plastic snakes around the house (although I draw the line at them getting into my bed, which my son tried to pull one time). I hope and pray that he will never move to actually wanting LIVE snakes in the house, because I will definitely draw a line there ---- I don't know that I could ever overcome my fear enough to be in the company of a real snake.....but I'm trying!

There, I did it.....7 random things about myself! Now I'm supposed to tag 7 other bloggers, which could be hard, as I don't always talk with other bloggers......I READ a million blogs, but don't really KNOW those bloggers.....so I'll have to work on this one!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon WARNING -- NOT FOR CHILDREN!

These videos contain some mature content - so please don't watch them with your little one's in the room -- these were taken from the Jimmy Kimmel show -- I guess he has had an ongoing joke with Matt Damon on his show --- a rivalry of sorts.....

The first video was made by Jimmy's girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, and it's pretty funny....but again, this aired on late night tv...not for the little ones....

The next video was on after the Oscar's last night, and is Jimmy's response.....even funnier!

I can't believe all the celebs that appear in this one! I can't wait to see what comes next!

Does and Don't with a baby

I think I've posted before about one of my favourite blogs to read - Dooce - the girl that write's this is absolutely hilarious, and I check in frequently to see her take on the world -- I found this over there -- she never disappoints me when I'm looking for a laugh!


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Who is a bully?

I've been thinking a lot about bullies lately. My son attended a presentation at school last week about bullies -- the police do this fairly often at schools these days, I don't ever remember it in our school, yet we certainly had our fair share of bullies. Whenever I think of a bully, I can't help but think of this guy, the bully in the movie "A Christmas Story ---he definitely looks like a bully.

but who is a bully? Sadly, they are all around us. I recently had a run-in with someone associated with my business, that I feel was trying to intimidate and bully me, and there's a big part of me that just can't believe, at this age I'm still dealing with bullies! But they grow up, and they continue to try and intimidate, and it's sad. I guess the best that we can do is to try and see what motivates a bully-- and usually it's fear and their own insecurities. When you can break it down like that, and feel sorry for them, it does make their actions a little bit easier to take (not much, but a little!). Bullies try to control people, I guess because they need to have control to feel confident in their world. Maybe the police should have presentations for adults in business about bullying - I wonder if adults would actually see themselves as bullies? Does a bully realize they are being a bully, or are they so full of justifications and anger that they can't recognize thier actions? I don't know, but I do know that sadly, they are all around us, and just because you grow up and leave the playground doesn't mean that you aren't going to run into them again!

I'm glad that my association with this particular bully has come to an end. I can put this chapter behind me, and I've learned a lesson about being more particular about the type of person that I enter into business arrangements with. In this situation, there were many cues to tell me that this person was not the kind of person I wanted to associate with, but I didn't listen to those cues -- next time I will take my own intuition much more seriously!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Wiarton Willie, were you paying attention???

Last week my son and I watched Wiarton Willie proclaim to the world that we would have an early spring. So much for Willie's predictions, we've been inundated with snow around here! We had 2 snow days in a row, combined with an early release day this week, and a PD day last week, it's like the kids are already on spring break! Yesterday my friends and I piled the kids into our vans, after a quick stop at Tim Hortons for coffee (oh yes, we admit it, we are most definitely suburban moms!) and off we went to a nearby hill, with fresh powder just begging for some sledding! The kids had fun, and we had quite a few laughs, watching the silly things that they do. It's so interesting to get a bunch of kids together (there were 9 in all, ranging in age from 4 to 10) and watch how they behave......heading down the hill standing up on the toboggans, sliding down the hill on their bellies with no toboggans, rolling down the hill head over heels, "just because it's fun", sitting at the bottom of the hill with their faces planted in the snow ---- I won't pretend to understand them, but I do envy their attitudes! The girls seemed to compose themselves a little better......but the boys, my how silly they can be! I hope that in the years to come, they remember these days, the fun we had, this is what being a mom is all about, in my eyes!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow on the streets of Toronto!

Last Friday we had a snowstorm in Toronto! If you live in or near Toronto, you understand how that hardly ever happens --- snow just doesn't normally stay on the streets of Toronto. I of course, happened to pick that particular Friday night to head into the city, as a cousin of mine was in town, and we had planned a night of wine drinking, catching up, dinner, more drinks, more talking and then finally falling into the most luxurious beds at the King Eddy hotel.....with NO husbands or children or dogs to disturb us....I was not about to let a silly thing like 20cm of snow deter me from my planned recreation, so I bundled up and headed into town. My cousin and I are both from the Northern regions of Ontario.....we know snow.....we grew up driving in snow....she lives even further north than me, so a little bit of snow wasn't going to stop us from heading up Yonge Street to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The streets were empty, the trees (the few trees in the city) were heavy with snow, we were covered head to toe after our 5 block walk....it was wonderful! People were having snowball fights in Dundas square -- it was picture postcard perfect! Today I saw this little gem and had to laugh -- this is what the rest of the country thinks of Toronto when it snows!

Ironically, as I post this, I had to cancel lunch with my friend, as schools here, including the Montessori that her children attend, (that was my favourite part in the video!) have been cancelled due to inclement weather! Such is life in Canada folks!