Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Snow on the streets of Toronto!

Last Friday we had a snowstorm in Toronto! If you live in or near Toronto, you understand how that hardly ever happens --- snow just doesn't normally stay on the streets of Toronto. I of course, happened to pick that particular Friday night to head into the city, as a cousin of mine was in town, and we had planned a night of wine drinking, catching up, dinner, more drinks, more talking and then finally falling into the most luxurious beds at the King Eddy hotel.....with NO husbands or children or dogs to disturb us....I was not about to let a silly thing like 20cm of snow deter me from my planned recreation, so I bundled up and headed into town. My cousin and I are both from the Northern regions of Ontario.....we know snow.....we grew up driving in snow....she lives even further north than me, so a little bit of snow wasn't going to stop us from heading up Yonge Street to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe. The streets were empty, the trees (the few trees in the city) were heavy with snow, we were covered head to toe after our 5 block was wonderful! People were having snowball fights in Dundas square -- it was picture postcard perfect! Today I saw this little gem and had to laugh -- this is what the rest of the country thinks of Toronto when it snows!

Ironically, as I post this, I had to cancel lunch with my friend, as schools here, including the Montessori that her children attend, (that was my favourite part in the video!) have been cancelled due to inclement weather! Such is life in Canada folks!