Monday, April 14, 2008

Autism - the Musical on HBO

I finally sat down yesterday and watched "Autism - the Musical" - it aired in the US on HBO, here in Canada on the Movie Network, and I think it still might be listed on the Movie Network on Demand if you care to watch it. Wow, what a powerful movie! It's a documentary of a project called "The Miracle Project", created by Elaine Hall. I couldn't believe the candor of the parents, they really opened up and let everyone into their world. The director of the documentary (Tricia Regan) really showing all aspects of what we as families go through living with autism. This wasn't another "doom and gloom, look how bad our lives are living with autism" video.....this showed it all, the good, the bad, the happiness, the tears, it was very powerful. I kept trying to "see" my son in some of the children profiled, and really couldn't -- he wasn't totally like any of them....but then again, isn't that what the "spectrum" is all about -- these children are all so different! The movie made me think about autism in different ways, think about the way in which we interact with autistic children, what we expect from them, etc. It made me uncomfortable sometimes, happy, sad --- in short it really made me THINK.

This trailer I understand was put together to promote "The Miracle Project". It features some of the kids from the movie:


TR said...

Thanks for writing about AUTISM: THE MUSICAL. However, the clip you have put up on your site is not a clip from the movie, it is a promotional trailer created by The Miracle Project to promote The Miracle Project. They do use some footage from the film, but they use a lot of footage that has nothing to do with the film, and was created by people who had nothing to do with the film, AUTISM: THE MUSICAL. Elaine Hall, who runs The Miracle Project, is indeed an amazing woman. But she did not direct the film, AUTISM: THE MUSICAL. This is an important distinction, and affects the film's credibility and reputation, as well as my own credibility and reputation. If you want a clip from the movie, I believe you can get one from the HBO website.

Again, many thanks, and all the best -
Tricia Regan

limefreckle said...

I'm sorry Tricia, when I referred to the "director" in my post, I meant the director of "the Miracle Project" not the director of the movie --- I will revamp my post and make the distinction.