Monday, August 18, 2008


Do you notice that when you begin a redecorating or renovation project, it quickly balloons into so much more! We have decided to recarpet our house, no small job, we have a fairly big house, with LOTS of carpet. Right now its a dusty rose.....I loved it 13 years ago when we moved in....not so much anymore, my tastes have changed - funny how that happens, isn't it? Anyhoo, so OK, I convinced the hubby that it is time to replace the carpet....then I look around, and think, "Wow, the chair rails and baseboards, really the whole lower part of the wall (which is all painted white) needs refreshing.....both in the upstairs hall and down.....and while we are at it, I've always HATED the light oak stain on the stairs....wouldn't white painted spindles look so much better? And if we are getting new carpet, maybe we should paint some bedrooms? My son's playroom is wallpapered in a light yellow stripe (it was formally his nursery, and then my craft room) and he announced he would LOVE a red room (his favourite colour). And the spare room is looking kind of tired, and I'm a bit bored of the wallpaper in our room.....and while we are at it...the kitchen countertops need updating.....

I'm dizzy just thinking about it all! I'm revisting my plans to paint the spare room and master bedroom......I'm already tired of painting, I've only done one coat in the playroom.......but the that is going to be a big job...we have over 100 spindles!!! Whose idea was that! So we are knee deep in renos over here, I'm trying to just take a deep breath, dive in and get something accomplished every day. Thank goodness my son is in daycamp all week....and school is right around the corner, so I should be able to get this all done by the end of September! I've been visiting many great decorating blogs for inspiration, and promise to post pictures here soon.


Michelle said...

Oh yes! I can completely agree with you on this one! I wanted to redecorate the bathroom and while I was planning it out I got in the "redesigning mind frame" and have now made plans for the home office and master bedroom.

So it looks like I will be bulk buying from the John Lewis sale soon!

Saucy said...


You are the greatest lurker of all time. I went to Rona the day that you commented on my blog about the flocked trees and THANK YOU - I got the last one of last year's stock, at 7' tall it is just fan.tas.tic and what I was looking for! I lurrve Rona and don't know why I hadn't checked there before! You are a genius. It only cost $115.00, very reasonable for before Christmas pricing. Watch my blog for the decorating of it... I have big plans for that bad boy!

Thanks again!