Thursday, January 22, 2009

Do you love to organize?

I've been looking around a couple of blogs today, and find that I'm not the only person that gets a chill up their spine when they see a perfectly organized space....I don't really get why I'm like that, I'm not particularly neat most of the time....if you could see my house right now (I'm using the mangled finger as an excuse to not clean) you would most definitely not think I'm into organizing....but I am.....I like nothing more than the challenge of taking a messy space and prettying it up......give me a labelmaker, I'm in heaven! I wonder why I'm like that? Isn't it odd......why am I so happy to sort, to organize, to do mundane work? When I was working, before my son came along, I LOVED to organize and file (OK, not crazy about the filing, but I liked to put things in order). I came to realize that is a fairly valuable trait...not that many people like to organize. My hubby is VERY disorganized at work (but a clean the extreme at home...go figure) and I often go in and reorganize, and enjoy it (the reorganizing that is; getting him to participate and part with things is an entirely different matter)! My dream job would be to be a professional organizer, and go into homes that are out of control, and establish peace.....not sure I could handle the emotions of home owners that can't part with stuff though....I bet that can be challenging! But then how come my house gets out of control? If I want to do this for other people, why can't I always do it for myself? Maybe because other people's stuff is much more interesting?!?

Thrifty Decor Chick has some great posts on organizing, is even having an organizing event you can join if you wish. She also led me to this site of a pretty cool pantry as well --- makes me want to clean out my cupboards right now!