Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Do you remember all your teachers?

With all the problems I've been having this year so far with my son and school, my mom sent me a bunch of my report cards that she had saved all these years (I'm talking 30+ years for some of them!) I was reading through all of them, and noticed a constant theme among them....basically, I talked too much, and didn't apply myself.....or rather, when I did apply myself, I saw good results.....so there was the constant urging from teachers to apply myself more. I remember my mom told me that at one of their parent/teacher conferences the teacher said that if I would only try a little harder, I could achieve A grades in more subjects.....I told my parents that I would prefer to not have to study, and get B's and C's, but be able to socialize....rather than have to stay home studying, just to achieve A's.....I guess you could say that socialization was the most important thing for me!

My favourite report was from Grade 1, the teacher wrote" She is a great group worker. She feels company and conversation are a "must" during activity time. This is good providing my teaching is not disrupted with another group".....what a very sweet and kind way of saying "I wish she would be QUIET!!!" I remember that teacher....I liked her.

One thing that really surprised me though, for some grades, I think grade 2, and grade 6, I had absolutely NO recollection of the teacher ---- when I saw the name on the report card, I just drew a blank.....I seemed to remember my favourite teachers - Mr. Pagnotta, grade 7, and grade 8, he was the BEST! - and I remember my least favourite teachers - grade 4, whose name shall not be printed here, sent me out into the hall all the time, nose to the wall, for --- surprise! TALKING!!! Also, she seemed to have a big problem with my math ----- kept pushing my parents to work on my multiplication tables at home (can't remember if we did...must ask Mom about that) But hey, look at me now, Mrs. so and so.....I don't NEED those stinkin' multiplication tables....I USE A CALCULATOR!! (ok, to be fair to Mrs. so and so, I really STILL don't have a great grasp on my multiplication tables.......so I guess maybe she was right).

Kind of funny to go through your old reports.....I wonder if in 30+ years my son and I will sit down and talk about all the problems we had at the beginning of his school career....at least this stroll down memory lane reminded me that although what's going on right now at school is of course serious, it's not hopeless, it's not the end of the world, and things can always improve!!IF HE WOULD JUST APPLY HIMSELF MORE!!!