Thursday, January 22, 2009

lacerations and sutures

Wow, I've only missed one day in my new promise of blogging more! My finger is OK, thankfully no cut arteries or nerves (well, I suppose I would have known right away about any artery problems....but the nerves had me worried!) I basically cut quite deeply between my index and middle finger....opened it right up --- YUCK!!!! The nurse in the ER was standing there looking at it saying ", what a laceration!" I told her and the doctor that she wasn't helping....I'm VERY squeamish!!! But it did break the tension, we had a good laugh! It's already feeling so much better, and besides looking a bit like the bride of Frankenstein, it's feeling better every day!

I was taking pictures for the blog (don't think my husband hasn't been laughing ever since about that....I'm not sure he gets this whole "blogging" business!) and wanted to move one of my old apothocary jars, so I was running upstairs at 8AM, ( the jar was destined to be filled with soap and sitting on my bathroom counter). I tripped on the stairs, dropped the jar, and when I fell, drove a piece of glass right into my hand.......Thankfully my husband was upstairs getting ready for work, not at the gym where he very often is at that time of the morning. Not so thankfully, he was upstairs, getting ready for work, which proved to be a bit of a predicament, as the stairs were covered in shattered glass. He made it downstairs eventually, and called next door to our pharmacist neighbour, woke him up, and he came over, administered first aid (did I mention that my husband is squeamish too?) Thank goodness for great neighbours eh???? Hubby drove me to ER, my son got a ride to school, courtesy of said neighbour, and everything worked out OK in the end! I've just been lying low ever since, went out today to do some shopping (hey, I can still sign a credit card slip!!!! PHEW!!!!!! -- did I mention it was my right hand??)I'll get back on the posting pictures bandwagon tomorrow.