Thursday, January 29, 2009

Still organizing

What is it about January that sparks the organizing gene in me? I'm not alone, I see so many posts at blogs all over that are on an organizing bandwagon. This is a spot I've been planning to get to all week, but for some reason or another, I keep putting it I'm posting my "before" picture, and am committed to getting this done today, so that by tomorrow, I have an "after" to show you.

This is Limefreckle Jr's catch all area in our kitchen -- it's always a mess like this, so I went to Ikea, my favourite organizational store, and bought some supplies to help clean it up -- now that I've put it in writing....I have to do it!

This is my catchall area in the kitchen -- this counter top area has been driving me crazy for years! I've tried dozens of different baskets, and organizational methods to get this area cleared up. I finally decided that I would "decorate" the area, with some finds at Homesense on a recent shopping spree:

Check back tomorrow to see if I get it all done!


Tamara Jansen said...

Oh man, I'm fallin' behind in my New Year's organizing :) Thanks for the reminder!

Chris said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog , I love to meet lurkers , your stairs look great , I know it ia an awful job , really it is the worst , but always looks great after. Take good care of your hand.