Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Stitches are gone!

I know you've all been dying to know how my recovery process has been with the cut to my hand. Well, the stitches were removed yesterday, and this is how my hand looks:

I guess it doesn't look to bad, however clearly any hopes I've maintained of becoming a hand model have been dashed!!! I took these pics myself with my left hand, a bit blurry, but I've become fairly ambidextrous this past week. When I was in grade 5, I broke my right arm (this was the first of a string of many broken arms for me......I was very accident prone when I was a child, constantly falling, tripping over my big size 9 poor parents spent many an hour in emerg with me!) That first break was the result of my cousin pushing me -- we were walking by the house of a boy I had a crush cousin started teasing me, and a pushing match thing you know I was in emerg!!! Another time I broke my arm because said boy I had the crush on pushed me on the ice.....and there you go, another break.....I broke my collarbone, playing touch football with my friends (said crush included) -- I remember my cousin, who was an army cadet, and my friend who was a girlscout insisted that I had dislocated my shoulder, and both wanted to help me fix it....I chose to go home and get my mom instead!!!

Anyway, I remember when I broke my right arm, I had to do ALL of my school work using my left hand! Hello!!!????!!! This was long before the days of computers folks, so there I was, scrawling all my work out like a kindergarten student! I did learn to rely on my left hand that year, and still do to this day, so this week has been pretty easy for me. Also, the best part of it, is I couldn't get the stitches wet -- so of course housework and dishes were off the roster for me! Notice how my manicure held up on my right hand for over a week (wierdly, the night before the cut I had this irresitable urge to paint my nails!) The left hand didn't survive quite as well.