Saturday, January 24, 2009

This is the culprit!

Here is the apothecary jar that tore open my finger and made my life so difficult last week.....

I've replaced the corks in a much larger jar, because, let's face it, those corks just somehow keep multiplying, and we need a bigger jar, because then it doesn't look like I'm such a lush! My neighbour came over awhile back, and looked at the original jar, and said "there don't seem to be more corks since I was here last....what happened, did you switch to screw top?".....and the funny thing is....I HAVE!!! My new favourite wine is THIS:

I found it at the Wine Rack, in my local grocery store. Now, my American friends (if any are reading this blog!) don't understand the value of being able to buy wine when you get groceries....most of you have always had this luxury, but us Canadians have to go to the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) in order to purchase our wine, so these Wine Racks, which feature Ontario wines, are great!!! Now beer is another story, you have to go to "The Beer Store" for that (yes, it's actually called "The Beer Store") It was once, long ago called "Brewer's Retail" but I suppose as everyone called it "The Beer Store" anyway, it seemed the logical route to go.....

Anyway, I digress......the old cork jar was destined for my bathroom counter, to be filled with unwrapped bars of Ivory soap, however, it didn't make it.....part of it ended up in my finger, the rest shattered all over our stairs.

The whole reason I bought a new apothecary jar was to balance out my new arrangement for my kitchen counter. I'll post about that tomorrow.