Saturday, January 24, 2009

wall of frames

Check out THIS!

As if I don't have enough projects that are not yet finished, I've just come up with another to add to my list! Check out this link and tell me what you think! (hey, I made a rhyme!) I need to find a spot to do this, and of course go through all my frames to see how they look ----- I love the mixture of this grouping, the frames are all different, not the same (this kind of feeling I can't explain..... sorry, couldn't resist, blame my son, he's been watching "Zaboomafoo" lately). Anyway, looks fab doesn't it? Now, off to roam the house and find the perfect wall for this type of grouping. Someone over at the blog where this was posted mentioned she had seen something similar with the letters spelling "home" randomly added in.....hmmmmmmmm......


Megan said...

thanks for mentioning my post!

I want to see your grouping of mirrors in your bathroom.

that is a grouping I want to do as well. My grandmother has always had a wall covered with mirrors.....I'd love to have that I need to hunt down a picture to share of that.

thanks again! Be sure to let me know how your frames grouping turns out. :)