Thursday, February 19, 2009

computer woes!!

My computer finally died....well, not died so much as started to take WAY to long to open programs, read email, or read blogs. I tried purchasing a couple of programs, one was a registry mechanic, one was called spy doctor, in the hopes that I could tidy things up myself (I like to think of myself as a techno girl -- although I draw the line at texting....I just can't seem to get into that!) Anyway, the programs didn't help much, so I had to ship my beloved computer off to a professional....thankfully my hubby knows a guy that will do good work. So, my baby has been out of commission -- thankfully we have a spare computer in the house, it's in the kitchen, for Limefreckle Jr.'s amusement (you know, sometimes you just have to get on line and watch the previews of movies about to be released, or maybe play a few games at

Apparently the old girl (the computer, not me) needs some more ram, and then it needed to be completely backed up, and cleaned out --- but I trust it is in good hands, and all my precious pictures and music will be saved....but it's wierd not having a computer. My husband had to remind me as I was on my way into my craft room, coffee in hand this morning, that there was no computer there to play with. One friend commented that I hadn't updated my blog....yes, that is what things have come to, if my friends can't get in touch with me, they just check my blog to see what is new......I guess that's life in 2009!

So if you too have been wondering where I've been, that is the story....I will try to get online and post some pics of what I have been up to this weekend (keep your fingers crossed that my baby will be back by then!)