Sunday, February 1, 2009

Kitchen counter continued...

This is my new "command post" to keep receipts, bills, important papers etc., and so far it is working very well! "Decorating" the counter top has really helped me not to clutter it up every day --- stuff does land there still, I won't lie, but it gets put away nightly --- I don't know why having some decorative items there seems to make me tidy it much faster than I did when it was just a bare empty space!!!

I started out with this from Homesense:

I was looking for something to hold pens and the like, and had a silver cup in my basket, when my trusty shopping pal spotted this, on sale for $2.99:

Perfect for pens, scissors, etc. I was going to paint it white, but it looks great the way it is, so it stays. It replaces this lovely Toronto Maple Leaf bobble head pen holder:

Mr. Limefreckle thought that this was a perfectly acceptable kitchen counter top accessory.......I disagree, and sent it up to Limefreckle Jr's room. Or perhaps Mr. Limefreckle would like it for his office???

Anyway, I found some great file folders that zipper open at the dollar store, these store my bills, receipts, and miscellaneous papers that seem to overtake us all. Each one is labeled (have I mentioned how much I love my label maker?) and life is good.