Monday, February 23, 2009

The Oscars

I'm not a huge Oscar fan, but reading Saucy's post today made me want to share with you some of the things that were going through my mind last night, while watching portions of the Oscars.

Firstly, I wonder......did Sarah Jessica Parker fall out of her dress at all during the evening? She looks fantastic, as she always does, but hey, how does a girl enjoy a cocktail or 10 if she feels that at any moment the wrong move could send your best assets tumbling out of their sheath...

While watching her present it was all I could think about....

Secondly, I need to know, what was Angelina really thinking as she smiled, and laughed and clapped when Jack Black and Jen presented? Come on, you can tell me Ang...what was really on your mind????

I've never been a big Angelina fan, and also, I must admit, I'm not that crazy about Brad Pitt as well....I'm completely in Jen's corner, having your husband leave you and start up another family so quickly can't be an easy thing to have to live through so publicly ---- but hey, Jen had the last laugh, because she got to go out with VINCE VAUGHAN......I'll take him over Brad any day of the week.

And speaking of good looking guys.....

Hugh was reason enough to tune in. Mr. Limefreckle kept channel surfing whenever Hugh came on stage....something about a hockey game on the other channel -- I think he's just jealous!!!

It took me a minute to figure out what Ben Stiller was up to here:

That's because Mr. Limefreckle "surfed" back to this segment half way through.....but then I remembered this:

Oh how I love David Letterman!!! I don't quite get what happened here to Joaquin, but I will be going to see his latest movie, he is one of my favourite actors, and I'm just praying that this is all just some publicity stunt gone bad, that he hasn't lost it...because it would be a shame to not see him in any more movies.

And finally, who doesn't love these two:

I've loved Steve ever since I can remember ----- since he did King Tut, and Two Wild and Crazy Guys....THAT'S pretty far back. When he looked at Tina, and said "DON'T fall in love with me", I thought I would die laughing.......the world doesn't see enough Steve Martin anymore.

So there you go, these are just some of the random thoughts running through my head last case you were interested.


Saucy said...

Oh, Limefreckle, you are SO right!

I had an uncle that used to say... "I wonder if she's trying hard to get into that dress or trying hard to get out of it!" and that's what The Fan said about poor SJP! She desperately needed a wrap or a cardigan.

I wouldn't trust Angelina as far as I could tattoo her. I thought Jen did a swell job in front of both of them and I also thought that Jack Black looked very supportive, too bad he is married or I would lurrve to see them together. But Jen + Vince = AWESOME! Brad is empty eye candy... like a Snickers bar, he is devoid of value and a little nuts.

Poor Joaquin. He's lost it, he is a FULL Snickers bar, battered and fried!

And Steve Martin? You and I must Indian leg wrestle over him. I will prevail... scroll back in my old posts and you will see that I proclaimed my lurrve for him long ago. He is ALL MINE! Good thing you have Mr. Limefreckle.

limefreckle said...

Saucy, I love the Fan's comments......her "fine line between an outfit and a getup" was so true!!!

I don't remember reading about your love for Steve, but I will believe you.....I shall get to the gym double time this week and ask Limefreckle Jr. to practice Indian leg restling with me (is that something often practiced out there in the Praries?).

Glad to know that someone actually cares what was on my mind regarding the Oscars....your post today inspired me to write about it!