Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Last night I watched Stepbrothers, a movie I've been meaning to sit down and watch for awhile. All summer I've been watching movies on my trusty little portable DVD player.....I find that when I put the headphones on, curl up in bed and watch, I get totally immersed in the movie -- more so when then when I'm just sitting in front of the TV. I love to watch movies from the comfort of my bed. Plus, Mr. Limefreckle can snore away, without the TV on.

Well, unfortunately last night, I kept Mr. Limefreckle up, because I COULD NOT STOP LAUGHING! I love the combo of John C. Reilly and Will Ferrell a la Talledega Nights --- if you haven't rented this movie yet, get yourself over to the video store, or ziplist it, and watch -- if you love Will Ferrell, and his ridiculously silly type of humour, than you should love this one! It's a little crude, there is a lot of swearing, so be warned if that bothers you!!!!

And if you DO rent it.....let me know....was the scene when Will Ferrell was "desecrating" the drum kit not the funniest????