Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentine's Day party

I confess, I'm not much into Valentine's day ---- years ago I broke up with someone on Valentine's day, that probably took the shine off the holiday, and I also think it's so over commercialized -- there is just too much pressure! We gave up going out for Valentine's meals long ago,it seemed to become just a night where restaurants limit their menus, jack up their prices, and try to get you out as fast as possible. But, it's fun for the kiddos --- so tonight we made homemade cupcakes to bring to his Valentine celebration at school tomorrow.

Now, Limefreckle Jr. is what one would call a "cupcake connoisseur".....the kid LOVES, LOVES, LOVES cupcakes! He eats them all the time (yes, I'm THAT kind of mother). I thought "hey, why make just the plain, ole boring cake mix and store bought frosting for my little about some genuine, homemade goodies? So I promptly googled "Magnolia bakery" because I heard of that place on "Sex and the City" and if it's good enough for Carrie Bradshaw, it's good enough for I found this recipe for standard vanilla cupcakes, and vanilla butter cream icing.

One pound of butter later, I had the cupcakes fresh out of the oven -- so far, so good! I bought foil liners, to add a little "pizazz" (because I'm sure the boys at Kenny's school -- his new school is all boys -- will notice the little details)

Then, 8 cups of icing sugar later, I had this:

I absolutely love my Kitchen aid mixer -- I don't bake that often, but when I do, it makes the whole job a whole lot easier. You will notice the messy spatula on the counter -- yes, I'm a messy, messy cook (Mr. Limefreckle hates that!).

Speaking of spatulas, I was in my teens before I realized that SPATULA was pronounced "SPAT - CHEW - LA"....not "SPAT- TOOL - LA" as I foolishly called it one day in front of my mother and brother.....OK, so I didn't cook much back then, and didn't know what else to call the funny rubber spoon......they have never let me forget that.

Anyhoo, so after I made the icing, I called Limefreckle Jr. over to taste it....AND HE DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!!! How the heck is that for gratitude? I'm up all night, slaving over a hot stove, testing new recipes, and he would have preferred that I opened up a can of icing ----- I added a bit more icing sugar, hoping to stiffen it up a bit....then piped it on and decorated them. Voila:

Then I loaded them into my trusty cupcake caddy, and they are all ready for tomorrow -- let's hope I don't forget them on the kitchen counter!

Everyone needs a cupcake caddy for handy cupcake transportation. Now let's hope Limefreckle Jr. isn't humiliated in front of his peers, with substandard cupcakes at the party tomorrow!