Sunday, March 29, 2009

OK, I'm not really a narcissist!

I gave Mr. Limefreckle the quiz, I read it to him while we were driving in the car, and I took it again myself. He scored only a 13.....and this time I scored a 15 -- so I either miscalculated the score last time, or I changed my answers this time and didn't realize it. In any event, I guess I'm more normal than I thought! I still can't believe he scored less than me though!


Friday, March 27, 2009

Are you a narcissist?

Dr. Drew wrote a book recently, and has a quiz to take to determine if you are a narcissist. The average population scores a 15.3, celebs score 17.8 -- I scored a 20!!!! I need to sit down and review it, and figure out if the points I scored on indicate vanity, exploitiveness, entitlement, exhibitionism (bad things) or authority, self sufficiency, superiority (better things). In my oh so humble opinion, Mr. Limefreckle, the workaholic, is the narcissist around here (and don't think I won't be quizzing him to find out what he scores...)

What are you? Click here to find out, and post a comment!


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Elephant and Dog

Yesterday I was listening to a program on the radio, and they were talking about a YouTube video about an elephant and dog that had formed an unlikely friendship. I thought to myself "I must show Limefreckle Jr." His absolute FAVOURITE animal is the elephant, and he also loves dogs, so this is going to thrill him. I was thinking to myself, that he could go to school and show them this video, I'm always on the lookout for something that he will connect with, that school can use to connect with him as well! Well, we got home, and I searched you tube and started the video, and he said "oh, is this elephant and dog?" and I said "yes, how do you know about it?" "I saw it at school". I had to laugh, he's been there only 2 short months, and his new teachers have totally figured out what makes him tick, how to motivate him, what he will enjoy. Last night for the first time in his LIFE he sat ACROSS the table from me, doing his homework --- this has always been UNHEARD of, I usually have to hold his pencil, help him to write, etc. No more, at the new school, he's writing independently, and better yet, coming up with the answers independently, without me having to guide him through it. I did have to continue to keep him on task, he gets so easily distracted it's almost funny. But what a feeling to just sit there and watch my son do his homework.....if you have a kid on the autism spectrum, you will probably understand!

For those of you interested, here is the "Elephant and Dog" story" -- so cute!


Friday, March 20, 2009

blogging in bed

I recently got a new laptop, using our airmiles -- to me, that means it was free, however Mr. Limefreckle thinks otherwise, he figures you spent the money to accumulate the airmiles, so it's not really free. Anyway, whichever way you cut it...I now have a I have the freedom to blog and keep up with the world from anywhere I choose...which has proven to come in very handy, because I'm laid up in bed with a knee injury! I have NO IDEA how this happened, Mr. Limefreckle came home from work early the other day (usually that's unheard of) and we all went for a knee was bothering me near the end of the walk, I do remember tripping, sort of turning over on my ankle (I do that a lot....I have skinny ankles!) however nothing really happened at the time...we came home, I didn't really notice my knee bothering me, however by the time I went to bed it was sore. As the night wore on, I couldn't sleep, and realized I couldn't straighten my leg, and then I tried to get up AND I COULDN'T WALK! Immediately I had Mr. Limefreckle fetch the laptop, so I could google "knee pain" and try to figure out what was going on -- we tried ice, that just made it worse. Needless to say I was up all night, after a trip to emerg yesterday the basic consensus was that I must have pulled some ligaments, that further aggravated an existing condition that I most likely have, called patella something or other. I'm on some heavy duty pain killer/anti inflammatory, that make me feel happy. Mr. Limefreckle stayed home from work yesterday and this morning, his mom is coming over later to help out. Poor Limefreckle Jr. is not having the best March break, we had to cancel our Science Centre trip yesterday, but he handled the disappointment very well, and told me last night he is very worried about my knee! The good news is it feels better today, so hopefully the recovery process won't be too long, as I DON'T deal well with crutches!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday I spent a good part of my day trying to figure out how to create a signature for my blog. I think I did it, however I'm not really sure it is going to work, until I post.

First, I created the signature using a digital scrapbooking program that I have. Then I saved it in photobucket, and copied the html code. Then I went to my blog, clicked on DASHBOARD-SETTINGS-FORMATTING and scrolled down to the last box, titled "post template" and I inserted the code there. VOILA...a signature to end my posts, because after all, you readers deserve only the best!


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

back to boring lashes

Well, unfortunately, the eyelash extensions didn't' work out so well for me. They LOOKED fabulous, but were really irritating my eyes -- I'm not sure if it's because I'm suffering from seasonal allergies (that is one of the questions you are asked when you get them). I'm not normally allergic to anything, but I found my eyes were so itchy, I just couldn't stand it! Such a bummer, because they looked great -- but alas, it was not to be for me. I should have known better, I do have sensitive skin and sensitive eyes, sometimes certain eye makeup is irritating, so I guess I should not be surprised. But it did make me realize that I probably could try fake eyelashes now and again, without too much problem, next time I have somewhere fancy to go, I might give that a try.

Today I'm going to do my favourite cucumber treatment -- have you ever tried cucumbers on your eyes? I'm telling you, it is absolutely the best feeling --- I don't know what it is that does it -- I think it is just the cold of the cucumber, but it will leave your eyes feeling bright and refreshed!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What I'm loving...

OK, I've been remiss in posting "Friday's fabulous finds" because it is Saturday ---- I haven't been on my computer all week! But all that will change next week, it's March break after all, I'm going to hang around the house and do nothing (well, maybe not ALL week....but at least part of the week) and I'm resolving to get busy, and get some jewelry listed!

I also decided to change "Friday's fabulous finds" to "What I'm loving...." So hear goes:

This is OPI nail polish, from OPI La Collection De France it's called "Tickle My France-y" and I LOVE it. It's a perfect nude, but not too nude -- it's my new favourite colour. Not that I don't love to wear brights too, but this is a great everyday colour.

I'm also loving this:

I use a quick dry top coat, then put this on overtop, and VOILA, dry nails, lickety split! I'm the type of person that leaves the salon and smudges her nails IMMEDIATELY, I have no patience for drying time --- so this works pretty well.

While we are on the topic of beauty treatments, I also got myself THESE:

I can't believe the difference they make to the shape of my eye, my normal lashes are very thin, the new ones really brighten up my eye (but are totally natural -- nobody has really noticed a big difference). Maybe next time, when I need a fill, I'll go for more. I'll try to get a picture to show you, I should have had Limefreckle Jr. take a picture of the before!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog redesign

I was getting a little bored with the shocking pink background on my blog, so I changed it up a little -- it's much simpler -- I need to get busy and play around with my header --- I have a digital scrapbooking program that I designed it with....I need to come up with some different ones, have a little fun! That reminds me, must reinstall that program, as my recent computer cleanup wiped it out.

I'm in the market for a new computer -- a laptop. I've mentioned before that Limefreckle Jr's new school (still LOVING IT by the way) is about 1 hour from where we live. Everyone keeps asking us if we are going to move....but we love our neighbourhood! It's not our fault that the local school to us isn't very good! Anyway, so no, we do not want to move, but I am thinking that I should probably hang out in the town where his school is some days, so that I'm not making the trip 4 times a day -- I personally don't mind the drive at all, but it's a lot of gas, wear and tear on the car, etc. So my new plan is to stay there on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays -- there is a YMCA there, so I can use my membership and go to that gym -- I can do a work out, do a yoga class, have a shower -- that should kill the morning --- but I need something to occupy my time for the afternoon. Now I COULD shop ---- having the school in a different town opens up a whole new avenue of shopping for me.....but I don't see how that would help things long term --- so I decided if I had a laptop with me, I could work on my jewelry business. I've been wanting to get some posts up of jewelry, get some things listed at Etsy, and a new venue I joined, but haven't started selling at. This is something that I've been wanting to get at for a very long time, but other things keep getting in the way. Why is that? Why do we let the things that are important to us get bogged down? I wonder if subconsciously I'm afraid to do it....afraid to open myself up -- what if I post things, and nothing sells? What if nobody likes my work? Well, no matter, it's time to take the leap and start working on my bliss.....I'll keep you posted, and of course as soon as things get listed I will list them here. Now, time to get busy and photograph some items!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday's Fabulous finds

I haven't had much of a chance to cruise my usual blogs this week, been busy, so instead of linking you to blogs with ideas I have found, I've come up with another little treat. I found both of these yesterday while shopping at one of my all time favourite stores SEPHORA. I could spend HOURS combing the aisles, smelling fragrances, etc.

I originally planned just to pop in and replenish my stock of Mineral Veil from Bare Essensuals - I bought the starter kit at Sephora awhile back, and really like this line, you can really create a clean, non makeup but smooth faced look (if that makes any sense) with this, if you haven't tried mineral makeup, I suggest you give it a try.

I've ran out of the Mineral Veil which comes in this kit, I use it with the other mineral makeup, or over foundation, or tinted foundation, it is a wonderful powder that I highly recommend. The ONLY complaint I have about these powders, is they are messy, and I often end up with so much of it all over my bathroom counter and sink -- probably that's why I've run out of the mineral veil so quickly.

But then, there was the SMASHBOX stand, looking all fancy, and their new mineral powder, Halo, was just begging me to come over and have a peek:

This powder wouldn't require 2 steps, like the Bare Essensuals, and my girlfriend felt it was doing a great job of covering up my rosecea, so I bought it. It has a "razor" type thing in it that shaves of the powder for use as you use it....hopefully that will result in less waste, and less mess in my bathroom for me.

Then I had to go stock up on some new perfume that I am in LOVE with:

They have several perfumes named grace, each different, this is my favourite. I bought a small body spray awhile back, because usually I find perfume to be a bit overwhelming sometimes, but the spray was too light. This time I bought a kit containing body wash, lotion and perfume. I have loved Philosophy's body washes for a long time now....give them a try if you haven't already, they will not disappoint!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Lost -- episode recap

Wow, last night's episode of LOST was a good jumped back and forth, back and forth, like EVERY episode, I can't do ANYTHING else while watching it --- can't knit, can't make jewelry, you MUST pay close attention or you may miss something -- and even then, I'm sure a lot of things go unnoticed by me.....but I certainly noticed that Sawyer and Juliet have been very for the last few years...

And just as I'm starting to feel that my beloved Sawyer is finding some happiness in his life, who should appear....

Poor Sawyer -- he's got some big decisions to make! Plus, the other hunk was along for the ride....

And, correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember he and Juliet had their own little thing brewing before he left the island for 3 years and took up with Kate....

Hmmm......this is going to get interesting!!! I just hope the time travel will come to an end for's making me dizzy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Celebrity Collage by MyHeritage

Just wondering who I looked like......OK, so there are some pretty girls here, that makes me feel good.....but what the heck with Robert Redford???????? Should I take that to me I look like Robert Redford as in I could be his daughter???? Or I look like Robert Redford as in I look like a 72 year old man?????

MyHeritage: Celebrity Collage - Descendants - Trace family tree

Go check this out and tell me who YOU look like!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

My computer and I have been sick!

This week I have hardly been on my computer at all.....I feel so out of touch! I came down with a virus on Wednesday, and so did my computer (not really sure what was wrong with it in the end, but I had it all cleaned up and some RAM added, so we are good to go!) Wish I could clean myself up like virus is lingering, but I'm feeling so much better! Do you ever have one of those days when you just stay in bed all day and sleep and it feels like you've missed an entire week? That was Thursday for me. I made the mistake of going out on Friday night, and now I'm still struggling, 2 days later. I probably wasn't ready, but I couldn't resist a night out with friends at a comedy club. I hear laughter is the best medicine after all!

I'm sure a good nights sleep tonight will do the trick -- then it's off to visit some family nearby tomorrow for tea etc. I'm looking forward to seeing cousins and aunts that I don't see enough, even though we live only a couple of hours apart. I guess life just seems to get in the way too often -- now that Limefreckle Jr. is comfortably ensconced in a school that feels confident with him, I don't have to constantly be on call wondering if he is having a bad day, and will I get a call to pick him up. I know that won't happen anymore, and I can plan my days accordingly. The freedom that has afforded me is an unbelievable feeling! Actually, having him somewhere that he is completely accepted is a foreign feeling to me, but I'm growing used to it. I was tired of meeting with school officials and the like, sitting at a big table with 10 or more people questioning his poor eating habits, his repetitive natures, his choice of television viewing, his inability to keep thoughts to himself. It's just so refreshing to have him somewhere where his idiosyncrasies and his quirks, annoying or not, are accepted and dealt with in a positive way. Life is good!

So, I did miss my Friday's fabulous finds post this week, mostly because I just wasn't able to surf my favourite blogs like I normally would, so this Friday I promise to post 2 finds!