Saturday, March 7, 2009

Blog redesign

I was getting a little bored with the shocking pink background on my blog, so I changed it up a little -- it's much simpler -- I need to get busy and play around with my header --- I have a digital scrapbooking program that I designed it with....I need to come up with some different ones, have a little fun! That reminds me, must reinstall that program, as my recent computer cleanup wiped it out.

I'm in the market for a new computer -- a laptop. I've mentioned before that Limefreckle Jr's new school (still LOVING IT by the way) is about 1 hour from where we live. Everyone keeps asking us if we are going to move....but we love our neighbourhood! It's not our fault that the local school to us isn't very good! Anyway, so no, we do not want to move, but I am thinking that I should probably hang out in the town where his school is some days, so that I'm not making the trip 4 times a day -- I personally don't mind the drive at all, but it's a lot of gas, wear and tear on the car, etc. So my new plan is to stay there on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays -- there is a YMCA there, so I can use my membership and go to that gym -- I can do a work out, do a yoga class, have a shower -- that should kill the morning --- but I need something to occupy my time for the afternoon. Now I COULD shop ---- having the school in a different town opens up a whole new avenue of shopping for me.....but I don't see how that would help things long term --- so I decided if I had a laptop with me, I could work on my jewelry business. I've been wanting to get some posts up of jewelry, get some things listed at Etsy, and a new venue I joined, but haven't started selling at. This is something that I've been wanting to get at for a very long time, but other things keep getting in the way. Why is that? Why do we let the things that are important to us get bogged down? I wonder if subconsciously I'm afraid to do it....afraid to open myself up -- what if I post things, and nothing sells? What if nobody likes my work? Well, no matter, it's time to take the leap and start working on my bliss.....I'll keep you posted, and of course as soon as things get listed I will list them here. Now, time to get busy and photograph some items!


Tanielle said...

How fun! Good luck with all your plans. I love handmade jewelry! Have a great weekend!