Friday, March 20, 2009

blogging in bed

I recently got a new laptop, using our airmiles -- to me, that means it was free, however Mr. Limefreckle thinks otherwise, he figures you spent the money to accumulate the airmiles, so it's not really free. Anyway, whichever way you cut it...I now have a I have the freedom to blog and keep up with the world from anywhere I choose...which has proven to come in very handy, because I'm laid up in bed with a knee injury! I have NO IDEA how this happened, Mr. Limefreckle came home from work early the other day (usually that's unheard of) and we all went for a knee was bothering me near the end of the walk, I do remember tripping, sort of turning over on my ankle (I do that a lot....I have skinny ankles!) however nothing really happened at the time...we came home, I didn't really notice my knee bothering me, however by the time I went to bed it was sore. As the night wore on, I couldn't sleep, and realized I couldn't straighten my leg, and then I tried to get up AND I COULDN'T WALK! Immediately I had Mr. Limefreckle fetch the laptop, so I could google "knee pain" and try to figure out what was going on -- we tried ice, that just made it worse. Needless to say I was up all night, after a trip to emerg yesterday the basic consensus was that I must have pulled some ligaments, that further aggravated an existing condition that I most likely have, called patella something or other. I'm on some heavy duty pain killer/anti inflammatory, that make me feel happy. Mr. Limefreckle stayed home from work yesterday and this morning, his mom is coming over later to help out. Poor Limefreckle Jr. is not having the best March break, we had to cancel our Science Centre trip yesterday, but he handled the disappointment very well, and told me last night he is very worried about my knee! The good news is it feels better today, so hopefully the recovery process won't be too long, as I DON'T deal well with crutches!