Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Elephant and Dog

Yesterday I was listening to a program on the radio, and they were talking about a YouTube video about an elephant and dog that had formed an unlikely friendship. I thought to myself "I must show Limefreckle Jr." His absolute FAVOURITE animal is the elephant, and he also loves dogs, so this is going to thrill him. I was thinking to myself, that he could go to school and show them this video, I'm always on the lookout for something that he will connect with, that school can use to connect with him as well! Well, we got home, and I searched you tube and started the video, and he said "oh, is this elephant and dog?" and I said "yes, how do you know about it?" "I saw it at school". I had to laugh, he's been there only 2 short months, and his new teachers have totally figured out what makes him tick, how to motivate him, what he will enjoy. Last night for the first time in his LIFE he sat ACROSS the table from me, doing his homework --- this has always been UNHEARD of, I usually have to hold his pencil, help him to write, etc. No more, at the new school, he's writing independently, and better yet, coming up with the answers independently, without me having to guide him through it. I did have to continue to keep him on task, he gets so easily distracted it's almost funny. But what a feeling to just sit there and watch my son do his homework.....if you have a kid on the autism spectrum, you will probably understand!

For those of you interested, here is the "Elephant and Dog" story" -- so cute!



Xazmin said...

It's so wonderful that you have found an option that meets the needs of your family for schooling. It can be so frustrating when the system is not working right for your child!