Monday, April 13, 2009

My how time flies by!

Limefreckle Jr. has turned 8!!! We've been so busy celebrating the past couple of weeks, Grandma and Grandpa Limefreckle came into town for the occasion, that's why the blog has been neglected!

Limefreckle Jr., I can't believe you are 8 years old already! It seems like just yesterday you were laying in the crib next to me in the hospital, and I was thinking "they've left me here with this baby, like I know what I'm doing....are they crazy?"

I didn't sleep much, I kept waking up and looking at you, not really sure of what had just happened in my life! It seemed to be such a blur, and the next thing you know, I had a baby! But I figured it all out, and soon you came home -- Mommy a bundle of nerves, crying as Daddy drove out of the hospital parking lot (I was a bit of an emotional wreck those first few days!) And you just taking it all in stride, riding in your car seat.

I remember being so scared to take you anywhere, the first car trip alone with you must have taken 1/2 hour to get you secured in the car seat, but we figured it out, didn't we, and soon you and I were off, anywhere we wanted to go, to the gym, to the mall, to visit friends, it was quite the summer!

The years went on, and you weren't talking when you should have been talking -- a concern to everyone ---- we would read the books, telling us "what to expect" and you weren't always meeting those milestones --- and the journey began for us. It's been quite a ride, these past 8 years, I can remember snuggling with you in your room when you were much younger in the middle of the night, listening to "Baby Mine" our favourite song (you still refer to it as "your song") and wondering what the future held for you. You and I can relate to the line in the song that says "All those same people who scold you, what they'd give just for the right to hold you". There were lots of people scolding, suggesting that you weren't behaving in the way you should be, that we as parents weren't handling things in the way we should be....I guess everyone has an opinion as to how to parent -- it's just human nature, but we held fast, knowing that we were doing the right things for you, and that we as a family were going to figure it out. We tried so many things, some good, some not so good -- music therapy (good), ABA therapy (not so good). We tried daycare, you cried, and cried and cried, Mommy just couldn't bear to leave you anymore, and we decided it was too soon.....we tried Nursery school a few years later, and there was a lot more crying --- you weren't behaving like the other children, you weren't responding to the teachers in the manner which they expected -- you didn't fit in, it wasn't fair to the other children (oh, if Mommy had a nickel for every time she heard that -- we would be rich!) We tried social skills groups, you had occupational therapy, speech therapy.....lots of therapy (sometimes I think Mommy needs therapy!!!) We met some fabulous resource teachers, and they guided us through this ridiculous maze of services -- and you continued to grow. Mommy got a LOT better at figuring out what worked for you, and what wouldn't, and despite many "professionals" that had opinions, we've always gone with our gut feelings, and it hasn't led us wrong yet! It was our gut feeling telling us to get you out of the school system, and so far that has been our best decision for you yet! It's come to my realization, that in this world of Autism, there is one thing that makes all the difference in the world -- and that is a "positive attitude".....I can remember back when you were little, people talking about there being a window of opportunity to help you, children have to learn certain things before age 2, before age 3, before age 6 --- it was sometimes exhausting to listen to other people tell us what was right for you.....the panic in their voices, the negativity, it was too much sometimes!!! I'm so glad that we held fast, and believed in you, often when others wouldn't. Many people didn't get you, still don't get you, but we have come to realize that "that's OK"....they will never get you.....but that will be their loss, not ours. And in the meantime, those that do get you, are richer for it!

So Limefreckle Jr., Happy 8th birthday, It's been a privilege to be your Mom, you've taught me so much more than anyone can imagine!! You continue to climb that mountain ahead of you, we will be here to support you!