Saturday, May 30, 2009

Let's stroll down memory lane, shall we?

I was reading June's blog the other day (and if you don't read her, you really should, she is quite funny!) and she was discussing this product:

do you remember it? I sure do, what a blast from the past....I can remember how it went on all sticky, and you had to hold your arms up in the air forever until it dried.....oh, those were the days!!! Anyway, her blog comments got me to reminiscing about a whole bunch of products....

You can try hard, or you can try soft....but soft will get them all the time......come on, don't pretend you don't remember the jingle!!!

Or how about this?

All the fashionable Barbies of my day lived in one of these. Not my Barbies mind you, they couldn't afford the rent...they lived in a tent.....but my best friend down the road had one, and boy, did I ever covet that townhouse!!!

Can't you just smell the sunscreen right now? And do you remember Elke Sommer???? WHO DOESN'T!

Did your hair REALLY smell terrific? I don't remember, but we bought it a lot, so it must have!

Now, this one, I DO remember...and it did smell good!!!

And who didn't want to look like Dorothy Hamill? I had her haircut did you? And for some reason, I felt I must use the shampoo too....can't recall if it made it as bouncy as hers was in the commercial though!

Remember the taste of these? Yummo!!!! I love the 7-UP and Root beer flavours....

Do you remember these little dolls? They smelled like a mixture of perfume and plastic....and I loved them!

Weren't the 70's great!!!???!!!