Saturday, August 29, 2009

I did it! I really, really did it!

I FINALLY posted some pics of my jewelry for sale! I've only posted on so far, but plan to spread to etsy, and another new site I've joined, called I've been wanting to do this ALL SUMMER long, and finally I buckled down, took some pics, and got busy!!! I'm so proud of myself.

Hint to all of you....a few glasses of wine really helps to loosen oneself up. I came up with some great names while under the influence....some of the product names may make no sense to you....but in my altered state of consciousness they seemed pretty frickin' hilarious!!! Anyhoo, hopefully you like my stuff, here is a preview:

You can find the complete listings by clicking "" in my sidebar. And on another note, what do you think of my blow up neckace bust in picture number 1? Limefreckle Jr. kept stealing it to play with.....should I be worried?



Mountaindreamers said...

good for you , this is a challenge and to find the time , especially if you juggle another job ( and who doesn't? ) I am on icraft also , it is a very friendly site. Cheers Laura

Saucy said...

Your pieces are simply gorgeous, and a few glasses of wine never hurt the creative process!