Wednesday, August 26, 2009

learning to ride a bike

Limefreckle Jr. has always been a bit late to do things...late to talk, late to potty train, late to ride a bike. He hasn't really shown any interest in his bike the last couple of years -- he usually prefers to ride his scooter, and I haven't really pushed the issue -- I think I've been a bit unsure myself how to go about teaching him to ride a bike. This summer I looked into a program for kids on the spectrum, a 6 week thing that teaches them to ride. We were too late to sign up, it ran during the spring, and I was thinking that I would sign him up next year.

Well, the other day, he announced that he wanted to ride his bike without training wheels. I was so unsure, what should I do....I don't know how to teach someone to ride! Should we go to the park, and practice on the grass? Well, I just decided to go for it, so I got out a wrench, and off came the wheels. Limefreckle Jr. got on the bike, and THAT WAS THAT! Off he went, riding as if he has always ridden a bike! I got on my bike, and had him follow me around, doing circles, then doing figure 8's....then we rode down the street to show our friends. Then off we went around the whole neighbourhood! He has had bike safety courses at school, and clearly he was listening, because he seemed to know all the rules of the road! We stopped in at a friend's house across the neighbourhood to show them what he could do, and off we all went to the park. This kid never ceases to amaze me! He really is the type of kid, that one day, when HE'S READY, he will just do something that we have worried he would never do.....days like this remind me not fret, to let him set the pace....