Thursday, September 10, 2009

The kids are back in school!! YIPPEE!!!

Well, it's that time of year again! It was so wonderful to drop off Limefreckle Jr. this year, he was so excited to get back to school, to see his friends. He has a new teacher this year, at least for the first part of the year, one of our teachers is off having back surgery......the supply teacher is a MAN.....and Limefreckle Jr. couldn't be more pleased....he has wanted a man teacher for so long! The teacher came to visit us the week before school started, he spent some time with Limefreckle Jr. getting to know him, we went out for lunch, it was a great way to transistion into the change.

Our school secretary commented on my hair (the extensions are out, and I'm back to the short "flippy" look) and she said there was something else different about me....I looked younger. I'm convinced it's the lack of stress I've been under! There were no sleepless nights this past week, no worry about what was to come at school....I KNOW there will be no phone calls from the school saying that Limefreckle Jr. is misbehaving, won't you please come and pick him up? I always had to laugh at that.....going home was EXACTLY what Limefreckle Jr. wanted, and he knew exactly how to make that happen......the school was always only too happy to oblige....that won't happen anymore. The program manager at the school told me last year that "no problem is too big" and that pretty much sums things up....there is confidence and brainstorming, and problem solving --- not stress, and worry, and uncertainty --- of COURSE I look younger, how could I not, with that kind of weight taken off of my shoulders!

So life gets back to routine.....the long drive to the school is the only drawback, but we enjoy that too, I listen to talk radio, Limefreckle Jr. watches a's all good!