Saturday, September 12, 2009

Limefreckle Jr's playroom

A while back I painted Limefreckle Jr's playroom, and did a completely HORRIBLE job. The walls of the room had lots of holes in it, and I did NOT do a very good patch job....the satin paint (why I let the salesperson talk me into Satin rather than eggshell I'll never know) really shows off every imperfection. The room is RED, Limefreckle Jr's favourite colour.....

So, rather than repaint, I choose to hide the imperfections with pictures on the wall.....I hung this pic from Ikea

This week, a recent purchase from The Grand Ole Bestiary came in the mail. Aren't these pics adorable?

I've been looking for black and white animal prints for awhile now to add to the room, these are perfect! And only $8.00 a piece!! Limefreckle Jr. asked if these were his ancestors....why yes, a few of them look familiar! I almost would prefer to add them to my "Wall of Shame" rather than put them into the playroom....maybe I need to order more!