Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The muppets "Bohemian Rhapsody"

If you know me, I mean, really know me, you will know that Queen is my favourite band of all time......when I was young, I remember our next door neighbour used to babysit, and he was a fan of Queen -- I thought he was really cool, (my babysitter that is) although I never would have let him know that....and I thought "if he's cool, then the music he likes must be cool" I checked out this band called "Queen"....and I was hooked! My first album purchase was, of course, "A Night at the Opera" and I went on to buy almost every album they ever made -- I couldn't get enough! I still love pretty much every song they ever recorded. I think back to when I used to watch them on "Midnight Special" and remember Freddie Mercury, dressed in a leotard with black painted nails...a bit oddly dressed, in the opinion of a small town girl, but man, could he sing! I remember when "A Day at the Races" came out, I couldn't believe the poster inside the album, of naked women on bicycles....SCANDALOUS!!!! I still love to listen to Queen, no band will ever replace them in my heart.

Fast forward 30 some years, and I hear about this youtube viral video...featuring my other childhood favourites...the muppets. Since our visit to Disneyworld, and Muppetvision 4D - featured at Hollywood Studios, I can now count Limefreckle Jr. as a fan as well. Who doesn't love Animal? I heard my son singing this recently, and remembered I had meant to post this link on my blog, but for all you Queen and/or Muppet fans...enjoy -- especially Animal's part!