Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cleaning out the clutter

Well, I did it, last weekend I took down all the Christmas decorations -- goodbye Santas, for another year. Goodbye sparkly trees, silly signs, funny hats, etc. Why can't the house be decorated like that all year round? I guess it could, but what would we have to look forward to next November?

So, now I'm in my usual, January "Clean Sweep" mode. I totally cleaned out the kitchen cupboards, to make way for the great new dishes Mr. Limefreckle bought for me on New Years Day --- Bowrings was having a sale, a set of 4 dishes normally $80 was down to $25 -- gotta love deals like that! We also purchased an electric fireplace/tv stand to put in the front room, to accomodate the new TV I got for Christmas -- just waiting on delivery of that, as well as a new HD PVR -- so I can watch everything in HD on said new TV. You really can see such a difference, you can see every little mark on a person's face etc. (Is that a good thing?) I'm liking it, I couldn't live without my PVR, how would I know what happened to Snooki and the Gang at the Jersey Shore, or what was going on with those crazy housewives in Atlanta? And thankfully Stacey and Clinton are FINALLY back.....I love "What not to Wear".

So, today I'm continuing on my declutter mission, and tackling my bedroom closet -- although truth be told, I'm pretty good at keeping that baby decluttered --- I go in and purge every 6 months at least....I just need to have a major ironing session with my steamer!

We also convinced Limefreckle Jr. to move his tent back up into the playroom -- it's been sitting in the middle of the family room for the last couple of weeks. What? Not everyone has a tent set up in their family room? Well here at Casa del Limefreckle we do....and it's a great place for a family snuggle on a Sunday afternoon! Not the most comfortable option, but fun, non the less.

After rearranging the family room back to it's former glory, I noticed some marks on the carpet from the table set up to hold Limefreckleville, our Christmas village. Today while reading Thrifty Decor Chick, one of my favorite blogs, I came across this post about reorganizing, and specifically, how to lift those lines out of your carpet. I tried it, and the icecubes worked like magic! What a great tip --- I have a ton of spots around the house that I can use this on!