Tuesday, March 16, 2010

"Parenthood" is a hit with me!

I've just caught up with the first 2 episodes from NBC's new series "Parenthood" and so far I'm a big fan!  There are several actors in the show that I've always loved (Craig T. Nelson, Peter Krause and Lauren Graham) and a few that I'm not familiar with, but really like.....and the best part about it....they have a storyline featuring an 8 year old autistic boy.  They did a really good job of showing what it's like to have a kid with autism -- apparently one of the writer's has a son with autism, and you can tell, because this kid isn't some funny quirky character like other shows sometimes have introduced, this kid is doing a good job of showing the struggles and the difficulties of a boy that has autism.  I really applaud this show for having the guts to take on this storyline in a real, true way, because, let's face it, at a time when 1 in 100 children are being diagnosed with autism, you can't really find many people that don't have a connection to someone with autism.  I read that Asperger's syndrome topped Google's search list the day after the show premiered -- and that's a good thing!  Hopefully this show will continue to shed light on a condition that affects a lot of us, and hopefully they will continue to show ALL facets of raising a child with autism, and help those few people that really don't know anything about the condition understand it a bit more.