Wednesday, December 28, 2011

3 months of no NON ESSENTIAL spending

While purusing all my favourite blogs, I came across this blog post from Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas. The challenge is to spend a month not spending money on anything that is not essential, no new craft items, no new clothes, makeup, you know, the usual stuff that eats up your budget and you don't know where your money went. Well I'm going to take this challenge a step further......I'm going to try to go for 3 MONTHS!  I know, crazy,  if you know me and my shopping habits at all  it's REALLY crazy...but I'm going to give it a try.

The only caveat that I'm giving myself is that I'm NOT totally giving up lunches and or coffee dates with the girls......come on, my friends are my lifeline to the real world.....I'm going to set up a monthly budget for that, and when it's gone, it's  gone......I haven't figured that all  out yet,  I'll get to the particulars of this mini challenge during the Christmas break. 
I follow a blog called 365 day Fashion Rehab and these girls really blew me away when they spent an entire YEAR,  spending NOTHING on fashion, makeup etc.  Now I'm not suggesting we go for a whole year,  I'm not sure that's for me....but I can handle 3 months.  I think!  I hope! No, I WILL!!!  I've written it here, for all  the world to now I have to follow thru!  Please join me and if you are participating in a similar challenge, let me know!