Monday, January 2, 2012

3 months of Non-essential spending

Ok, ever since I announced last week that I'm going to join Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas with her month of non spending (I'm taking it a little further, and going for 3 months) I've found literally 1million things (Ok, maybe not REALLY 1 million...but at least TEN!) that I can't live without.  Which begs the question....exactly what constitutes "non essential"?  Are pedicures and manicures essential?  Well, in my world they are....but probably not in everyone' off the list they go.....are trips to McDonald's after school with Limefreckle Jr.  essential? Well, I'm sure you will say no, but when you have an autistic child with SEVERE eating issues, well, then maybe we won't make him participate in this challenge......what about food....isn't food essential?  Well, groceries are, but eating lunch out 4 times a week.....not so much.
So I've decided to sit down and come up with some ground rules for myself.  I'm giving myself SOME spending money to have each week, I'm going to withdraw it in cash, and when it's gone, IT'S GONE!  I think $40 per week should be enough to cover Limefreckle Jr's essentials, and leave me enough that I can still squeeze in a coffee with the girls, and 2 lunchs per month (we are going down from eating out a few times per week people, to me this is SACRIFICE!)  I've been through the bathroom, and can't imagine needing any toiletries etc.  for the next 3 months, so no makeup, bath gels, lotions or potions are being bought until every last bottle (sample bottles included) that exist in the house now are used up.  No new clothes, no new kitchen gadgets, nothing for the house......what am I going to do with all this free time I used to fill up  shopping? I know, I'll  make jewelry!  But no new supplies.......unless I get an order for something and I have run out of it, all new items listed in my shop will be made with existing stock.  (fortunately, as you may have guessed,  I'm  a bit of a shopaholic, so I have lots to choose from!)

As for groceries,  Mr. Limefreckle and I have been on a fitness and weight loss kick for the past several months,  and eating clean is not cheap!  But the first order of business is to go through the freezer and eat up all the chicken and fish already in there, before buying anything more.  $200 per week should be enough to cover groceries, and again, I'm withdrawing that in cash at the beginning of the week, and paying with cash......when it's gone, it's gone!  I'm going to have to be diligent about making a list and sticking to it at the grocery store!  Maybe I'll even become a flyer queen and acquaint myself with the weekly deals at each store!

I do have a few gift certificates for things that I got for Christmas...those are OK to use, as long as I don't go over the allotment.

So that's the plan in a nutshell....seems easy, but I know that the first time that impulse hits me to buy something new I'll find myself trying to talk myself into why the item might be essential......I'll post those moments will be much easier to do this if I'm being accountable to the blogesphere!