Sunday, December 18, 2011

Holiday gifts I'm loving

I spent the day with a good friend on Thursday, Christmas shopping, and then having lunch at one of my very favourite restaurants, Earls.  Here are some of the things I saw that I'd love to get:

This fur scarf was at Rudsak, a great store I just discovered.  It was a scarf with a hood, and little pockets for your hands....a 3 in one!  Might just go back after Christmas and see if I can scoop it up on sale.  They also had a really cute cross body small  purse with a fur flap, but my shopping partner was the voice of reason....seriously, where am I going to wear that?  Sometimes you  need a good friend to tell you when you are making a purely impulse buy! 

I really wanted to buy this cute wristlet at Coach....I DO have a party to go to tonight....but again,  said friend was the voice of reason!   Don't really need to spend money on a new purse right now.  I will be looking for it though, the next time I go to the outlets....because I realize I do NOT have a cute, dressy purse.

loving these boots from Browns.  Been looking forever for a pair of really tall, chocolate brown boots, as I pretty much wear my black tall boots every single day.  They didn't have my size, but I'm sure I'll find something during the post Christmas sales.....
I've been coveting this jacket all season....
been wanting to get a Canada Goose jacket, tried one at at Sporting Life, and just couldn't justify the high price....although I loved the real fur trim.....instead I picked up this North Face coat:

It's  super light weight, and VERY comfortable....and much easier on the pocketbook!  Plus it's purple, what's not to love about that?

I also stopped into a new to our area store....Kiehls.  I've heard about their lipbalm forever, and it was my lucky day, they were giving out a full size free lip balm with purchase!  I bought these 2 products, and am LOVING them!

Kiehl's powerful-strength line reducing concentrate....I'll tell you in 28 days if the fine lines on my face are reduced....but it feels great going on, that is for sure!

And this new serum is a new favourite:

This is so lux going on......and everything I have heard about the lip balm is true!  It IS fantastic!

And lastly, I picked up a couple of too faced eye shadow palettes at Sephora.  Did you know that if you shop there within 2 weeks of your birthday you will get a free birthday gift? I got a free size Philosophy birthday cake body wash!  What a nice surprise that was!!!

It was a VERY fruitful day!  Got almost all of my Christmas shopping done, had THIS great salad at Earls (Santa Fe Chicken Salad....I highly recommend it....) and if my trainer, Trevor, is reading this blog.....well, don't burst my bubble and tell me that it's not good for me........because believe me, there was a whole lot more I COULD have chosen from....but you have made me see the error of my ways....