Thursday, December 29, 2011

Ideas to file away for next Christmas

there are so many great blogs out there, I spend a good portion of every morning pouring over them, and getting inspired.  I decided to do a post today to show you all the great ideas I've found, and while I didn't have time for these projects this year, there is always next Christmas!

The first project is Outdoor Urns from  Karen at The Art of Doing Stuff. Her blog is a daily MUST READ, if only to get you laughing every morning.  And she's really talented at DOING STUFF!

Aren't her urns gorgeous?  My urns this year are really not that great, next year I'm doing this.   AND I'm going to follow her glowing orbs tutorial and add them to the urn.

I'm loving this simple wreath from Modern Jane. I think I might go with fresh wreaths outside next year.

Unfortunately I don't have a bare wall big enough in my kitchen to actually do this,  but I so wish I could. this chalkboard wall from Shannon at What's up Whimsy is great!

These gift tags from  Brooklyn Limestone look fun, although I couldn't get the link  to work to download them, maybe they are no longer available. But I'll check for them next year.....they may be up again....

I'm loving this little Christmas house I found at Restyled Home.  Putting this on next year's list for sure!