Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pine Cone baskets with lights

I made a couple of these baskets about 15 years ago, and still put them out every year! They were so easy to make, and are a great addition to a room where you would like some Christmas lights, but don't have a tree. Unfortunately, I didn't photograph the making of the baskets step by step, so I don't have a picture tutorial for you, but can give you a blow by blow on what to do.

First off start with a basket of your choice. Actually,there is no reason you have to use a basket, any container that you like would do. Then, fill that container half way with crumpled up newspaper. That way, you don't have to COMPLETELY fill the basket with pinecones, saving time and money. Top the crumpled paper with a piece of cardboard cut to fit the opening of the container. Then you start to "build" your pinecones up, hot gluing each to the other. At the same time, take a strand of 35 lights, I used green, because they blended in with the pinecones. Tuck the strand of lights into the cones as much as you can, trying to have just the lightbulbs poking through. When you have filled your basket with the pinecones,start tucking in faux greenery, I cut up a piece of garland. Again, hot glue those in,so that they won't fall out over the years. I added some berries, you could add ornaments, picks, whatever you like and matches. Add a pretty bow to the front of the basket and you are done!

I made this one around the same time,using faux greenery, flowers and ornaments. Same idea, still using it after all these years! It's in our bedroom, this gives us the glow of Christmas lights, without having a tree!

Please let me know if you end up creating something like this! Every year I plan to make some new ones, but always get too busy. Would love to see pictures of how this translates for you!

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