Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Pinsperation! Testing Frozen Lemon wedges

As promised, I'm testing another one of my pinterest pins......this time its the Lemon wedge slices that I originally saw here

First I cut up a couple of lemons, and placed them in a muffin pan.  Was a little worried that the "cubes" wouldn't pop out very easily, but with the help of a knife, they popped out with no problem.  Filled the tins with tap water.....

Placed in a ziplock bag for the freezer....easy to grab all week long.

Put 2 in my cup, and it worked well to give me the lemon flavour I liked, and to keep the water cold.  Note to self, do not JAM the cube into one of these double walled cups, or it will crack and water will drip down your counter just like it did moments after I shot this picture. I love these cups,  but they break easily!  I have a couple of cracked lids to prove it!
I give this Pinsperation 2 THUMBS UP!  Will definitely be doing this again.....

Friday, September 21, 2012

Crab dip....nom, nom, nom

This is one of my favourite appy recipes, I got it from one of those church cookbook theory is that the best cookbooks, and usually the one's I go back to over and over, are those books put out by churches, ladies groups, charities....the ones that are a compilation of every one's favourite one is going to submit something that you pretty much guarantee the recipes are the best of the best!  This recipe always gets rave reviews.....

Start with a nice fresh loaf of round pumpernickel bread.  You could use sourdough too, if you prefer.

Cut a big circle out of the loaf, making a bowl for your dip.  Don't throw out that "lid" you've created, you will cut that up to use for the dip.

here it is ready to go into the oven.  I didn't take a picture of it on the platter, with the pieces of bread surrounding it, because I brought it to a family gathering, and I didn't want to whip out my camera and photograph my creation.  I'm just not that confident of a blogger yet I guess!!!
I've adapted the recipe, mostly because I didn't read it properly, and thought it was an EITHER/OR type recipe......I'm giving you the PROPER recipe, and I think the addition of the spinach would be fantastic.
Round loaf of bread, hollowed out
2 - 8 oz. pkgs of cream cheese (I always use the light.....every little bit helps!)
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
2 tsp. dill weed ( I omitted this because I didn't think I'd like the taste with the crab meat)
1/4 cup diced onion
1/2 cup bacon bits....I used crumbled real bacon....just think that tastes better
1 well drained can crab meat AND 1 pkg. frozen chopped spinach,, thawed  (this is where I messed up....I thought the recipe was either crab dip, or spinach....just realized as I was typing it out here, that it is BOTH) but if you don't like spinach, fear not, it tastes fantastic without it!
Mix together, adding spinach last.  Put inside loaf and wrap in foil.  Bake at 325 for 1 hour.  Serve hot with crackers and cut up pieces of bread.


Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let's put a Pin in it!

This week I asked Limefreckle Jr. if he wanted to do something, and he said "hmmm, yes, that sounds interesting....let's put a pin in that!"  He cracks me up, much of his language and phrases he uses is garnered from tv shows and movies, but he pulls it out at the most appropriate times, and never fails to get a reaction!  Anyway, I'm going to steal this phrase from  him, and use it for a new weekly feature I'm hoping to do.......I'm going to post my favourite pinterest pick of the week, but here's the catch....I'm not just going to mindlessly post a pin, I'm going to actually TRY the it a decorating idea, a recipe, what have you.....and I'm  going to post my results.  I'm constantly on pinterest, pinning away, but I realize I do NOT actually try the recipes and craft ideas that I've been posting.  Time to put things into action......

So, without further is my first pin that I've tried.....

I found this recipe via this blog.  I made these, and LOVED them...and I realized as I was writing this post, I forgot to add the cheese, which I will do when I reheat one.  I made 5, one I ate today and the remaining 4 are in the fridge, a quick way to have a filling breakfast.  I'm not following a paleo diet, so I had these between 2 slices of toasted whole wheat bread, but if you were eating low carb, add some sliced tomato and this would be great!

I give this pin a big THUMBS UP!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

What I learned about myself while travelling with a group.....

We recently went on an incredible trip to DisneyWorld.  My brother in law turned 50 in December,  and to celebrate, he announced he was going to take the entire family, his side and his wife's side, to Disney, for an all expenses paid vacation!  Needless to say, everyone was stunned, the kids were over the moon.  

I was excited, yet, as I always am,  worried about Limefreckle Jr.  I have spent the better part of the last 9 years (since he was diagnosed at 2) worrying about that boy. I don't just "live in the moment" most of the time, I see a situation, and I anticipate all the things that can go wrong, and then I start to's not a facet of my personality that I enjoy, and after  this trip, I realize that I really have to work on figuring out how to "turn it off".

We had a pretty rigorous itinerary for the trip, 2 free days, and the rest of the time parks scheduled for every day.   Dinners scheduled at different locations throughout Disney,every evening.  I tried to show Limefreckle Jr. the itinerary over the months leading up to the trip, and while he is like many autistic children, he does much better when things are scheduled for him.....he likes to be the one to do the scheduling!  So I had to listen to a lot of complaining leading up to the trip, about which days the group  goes where, etc.  Because as much as I would explain to him  that we didn't have to follow the schedule,  that we could break off and do whatever we wanted to, that wasn't enough for him....he wanted to do things his way, and he wanted EVERYONE to do things his way.......I was a bit exhausted about it all  before our plane ever left the ground.

The trip started out with a 5 hour delay at the airport.  Something needed to be fixed on the plane, and we had to wait until the part was flown in from Atlanta (we were in Buffalo).  As you might imagine, Limefreckle Jr. did not handle the delay well, and he had a bit of a meltdown at the airport.  I tried my best to be calm, soothing, helpful to him. Getting upset and telling him to stop it doesn't work with him, I've been through enough meltdowns in my day to know the best way to  handle them.  But the part about public meltdowns that is so difficult for me is "the public".  I do not want people looking at me....period....I do not like to be the centre of attention.  There we were, wearing matching t-shirts (my husband had t-shirts printed up for the whole group and we all had them on) walking through the airport, my son stomping, yelling, crying.....and of course, people turn to look. I know that doesn't mean there is any judgement attached, it is just natural to turn in the direction of a commotion......but it is probably the thing that  I find hardest......and for me,  when  I'm in a stressful situation like that, the tears start to flow, they are uncontrollable.  And if there is anything worse than being the centre of attention and having all eyes on me, it's being the centre of attention, having all eyes on me,WHILE  I'M CRYING!!

a grumpy boy, starting to come out of his meltdown....we found a massage chair that I think helped!

Of course eventually it all settled down, but that pretty much set the tone for me.  I went into defense mode at that point,  and spent most of the trip stressing and worrying about how all  the ineveitable changes to the schedule were going to affect Limefreckle Jr. and what could I do to fix things.  I'm a fixer....and I hate being a fixer.....I so want to be laid back, to go with the flow, to relax, to not worry,  to know that things are all going to work out.....but I just can't.   That is the biggest thing I learned about travelling with a group (we had 28 people in all). I am NOT laid back.....I am NOT easy going....I stress when things change......I need a schedule, I need to stick to the schedule......makes me wonder who the autistic one in our family really is?  Have I always been this way?  Have I become  this way out of necessity? I'm not sure what the answer is to that (although I bet I have a few family members reading this right now who are anxious to let me know!) but I do know that it is something I want to work on.

I also learned this week that my son is capable of handling a lot more than I realized.  He rolled with the changes throughout the week (and believe me, there were a TON of last minute changes) with ease in many cases, minor rumblings in others.   I would anticipate the worst, and try to plan for it,  yet he often just moved along and accepted things......something that I wish I had been able to do.  He lived in the moment, he enjoyed everything about the whole experience,and he soaked it all in.  There were many other children travelling with us, so I got to see several "issues" among them all, and realized just how close to "typical" Limefreckle Jr. really is.  

In the end, when he returned home,and my brother asked him what the best part of the trip was, he said "being with my cousins" and that is what it was all about. We made memories that those kids are going to have for the rest of their lives,  so the confusion, the stress, the overwhelmingness of the whole thing was  minor in comparison to the memories we built for the kids.

at our hotel.....a southwest theme
 Expedition Everest in the background....that ride was a big hit!
 FYI.....Orlando is HOT in August!

At the Rockin' Rollercoaster....another favourite!

 Limefreckle Jr. wanted his picture here....he led us to the rock,  from memory, after our last trip 3 years ago!
At a "greet the Princess" dinner......the look on  his face cracks me up!
one morning the 3 of us broke away and went  to the Magic Kingdom.
our family

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Leather wrap bracelets

I've been wanting to create these for quite some time, and now that I've started, I just can't seem to stop!  This is my new passion, I've been having so much fun creating different colour combinations etc.  Check out my shop to see all that I've come up with.  I have a TON more to photograph, I'm trying to add a few new bracelets every day.

find this here

find this here

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find this here

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I'm embarrassed at how little I've posted.....the past couple of months seem to have just flown by!  Limefreckle Jr. finished school for the summer.  As I've mentioned before, he goes to a private school for kids on the Autism spectrum.  It is very small, only 12 students at a time (this past year we had 10, next year only 5 so far!)  We always have a big graduation at the end of every year, to say goodbye to those children graduating or moving on to other schools, and to promote each child to the next's always a fun time, all pasts students and families are also invited to attend.  This year was special because we said goodbye to our program director, who retired in November.  Our formal "goodbye" was done at the graduation.  This woman was an absolute angel....I consider her my Mother Theresa!  She was the reason we chose to move to this school, from the public system.  She helped to calm me,  comfort me, and give me hope.  She is able to communicate with all of these children in such a respectful manner, and she always gets the best out of all of them. She said her philosophy is if you give them challenges and have faith in them, they will always rise to the occasion.  Many teachers may have an effect on you over the years, but this woman is truly the cream of the crop!  (I'm not posting pics and her name her, because I haven't discussed my little "blog tribute" to her, and don't want to post things without her permission!)

So now Limefreckle Jr. has moved on to grade 6.....we had an interim director for the remainder of the school year, a protege of the previous director, however she has moved on to take another position, so we are waiting to hear who our new "angel" will be.  I'm sure they will pick someone who fits the bill perfectly,  It's such a small little school, we truly do become family with the teachers and the other families there.  It's been such a wonderful experience, and Limefreckle Jr. has made such huge strides in the pasts 3 years, I can't even imagine the changes we will see in him over the next 3 years.....

So here it is, July 31st, and the summer is half over!  We have been so busy since graduation, up to Northern Ontario to visit my parents for a couple of weeks, then Limefreckle Jr. was off to Sports camp for 2 weeks (just a day camp, not overnight) and now finally we are home for a couple of weeks with no plans, until we head to Disneyworld for a week with my husband's family!   I'm tired just typing all of this out!  Here's a look at what we've been up to.....

Limefreckle Jr. receiving his certificate at graduation, for promotion to the next grade. 

fun at the beach

He is a FANTASTIC kayaker!

 Grandpa taught him to drive the Gator!  He took it very seriously....

 At Marineland with his best buddy.....

 We  celebrated Rufus' 6th birthday.....he got a new collar for the occasion!

 Relaxing up North

Showing off his diving skills!

So forgive me for not being around lately, I've just been too busy enjoying the summer!  Promise to try to post at least once a week until school starts again!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Isn't this bracelet pretty?  I love to make these kinds of bracelets, they dance and jingle on your wrist.  You can find this one here

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Custom bridal jewelry

I just recently finished creating some custom  jewelry for a girl through my Etsy shop, and I love the colour combinations....

If you are interested in creating a custom piece, either for your wedding party or just for yourself,  contact me and together we will come up with something fabulous!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I love to read the blog Free Range Kids and have for quite awhile.  I saw this video there,  and was so inspired, I thought I'd share it here.  This kid is amazing!  His imagination is something you don't see much anymore......Well worth watching.....

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Tons of new beads in my limefrecklesupplies shop!

I've added a ton of new supplies to my shop so if you like to make jewelry, you will find some funky beads here.

find here

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find here

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Vacation Fun!

Limefreckle Jr. and I went down to Myrtle beach for a week of fun in the sun!  Unfortunately,  Mr. Limefreckle had to work, so we took Uncle Limefreckle and he drove us down.  My parents have a place down there,  so we stayed nearby and had a WONDERFUL time....Limefreckle Jr. made some new friends, and so did I!  We are hoping we can make the trip an annual thing!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

New Pendants listed!

I'm slowly getting my supplies shop filled....I can't believe how many extra supplies I have.....shopaholic much???? Anyway, here are some pendants I've listed recently.....

You can find them all for sale here