Monday, January 30, 2012

My Kijiji finds

I'm in love with Kijiji.  Do you know about Kijiji?  It's like Craigslist, but I like it better, because for one, Kijiji is fun to say.....and the pictures come up instantly.....I like pictures.   So Kijiji is my go to when I'm looking for something new.

We bought and sold a lot of stuff on Kijiji during our move.  We sold a daybed, our kitchen table and chairs, and various other things that we were storing at the old  place, and didn't want to move with us.   then we sold more things once we moved in here (we took a closet out of one room,  to make more room in our master bath...sold the door to the closet.    For awhile I was getting addicted to Kijiji, constantly looking around the house for things to sell! 

These are some of the great finds that I picked up:

We got this light fixture for our mudroom:

and this fixture for our main floor powder room.  I added crystals and beads to it to make it into more of a chandelier.  Not bad for $15, and a few crystals I had laying around!

Needed an extra occasional table, this landed in our front hall for about $100

My first purchase from Kijiji was our kitchen table.  I had 6 chairs already, and was looking for something big enough for all  of them, although 4 of them  only sit there from  day to day.  Found this from a guy that was a kitchen cabinet maker, and he refinished furniture on the side.  We've scratched it up a bit in the past year....but for about $225 I don't feel badly about it!  Any scratches just add character.....

I wanted something for the corner of our living room.  Once I got this home, it seemed better suited for the den.  It holds plants year round, and was a great spot for poinsettias this Christmas!

this next one was a bit of an impulse buy.  While Limefreckle Jr. was home all summer, it was hard for me to get to the gym everyday, so I tried to workout from home. I bought this workout bench for $25, and sadly, I hardly use it.  But I don't feel NEARLY as bad as I would have if I had paid full price (and I do workout....I just go to the gym instead!)

These 4 bar stools were one of my best Kijiji deals....I got 4 of them, I can't remember exactly what I paid, but it was around $30 per chair....--- they were a little more beat up than they looked in the pictures, but that just gives them character as far as I'm concerned.   I had considered painting them a solid colour, but everyone seems to like the silver in them, and I've grown fond of them.  Eventually I will  recover the seats, but  for now, they go.....

I'm currently on the lookout for something for that living room corner that the planter was originally intended for....and something for storage for our dining room....and possibly a bar cart in there.  I check Kijiji every once in awhile to see what I can find.  I may never pay retail again!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Laundry room to Mud room

When we moved into this house,  the laundry room was on the main floor, which I normally would really like.  We looked at a few houses where the laundry room was upstairs, which I would  like even more, however I couldn't stop worrying that it would be a flood waiting to happen. 

Once we started living here, we soon realized that this main floor laundry room was so cramped.  It was also the side entrance, and the MAIN entrance to the house for us, and it just wasn't working.  There was a TINY utility sink that you coudn't even fit a bucket into, that was driving Mr. Limefreckle crazy!  We had bought a new front load washer/dryer set, and considered stacking them to make more room, but it was STILL going to be very cramped.   So we decided to move the washer/dryer to the basement, into our unfinished portion.  Not very fancy, not the bright, sunny laundry room of my dreams, and a pain to lug stuff up and down (gee, better be sure not to put THAT description in the listing if we ever decide to sell) but it works for now.  This is what our basement laundry room looks like:

I have plans to build something around the washer/dryer soon, will document that on the blog!

The new mudroom is very small,  hard to take pictures,  so these are very choppy....but there is now so much room for boots, coats, etc.  I LOVE it!

I found this light fixture on Kijiji, I must do a post soon about all the great things I have found on Kijiji.

I asked our contractor to custom make these cubbies for for each of us.  I actually made him redo the bench, because it wasn't tall enough for my boots.....and I wanted to be able to slide them in underneath.  I think he thought I was crazy, but he did it, and I'm so glad that I asked him to.....


These fabric baskets are from the Martha Stewart collection, I think they were from either  Lowes or Home Depot. I found round wicker baskets that hold hat and mitts in the winter, and flip flops in the summer.

on the opposite side we have a closet and some closed storage for cleaning supplies, and baskets above for more storage.  I wanted to take advantage of all the vertical space in this room,  it's tiny, but the ceiling is about 10 feet tall.

We used leftover quartz and backsplash from the kitchen reno (will post that soon).  Now Mr. Limefreckle has a nice deep stainless steel sink.  Funny the things that make that man happy!  Love the "Home"sign I found at Pier 1 that holds extra keys, Rufus' leash, towel to wipe his paws.

I could have really "staged" this better....removed some of the boots etc.,  but this is how we live. 
It doesn't look this messy in the spring/ (especially all of mine) really take up a lot of space!

and that's our new mudroom! I love it!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

House Tour - The Craft cellar

When we bought the house, "a roughed in wine cellar" was part of the description in the listing.  Now I don't know much about wine cellars,  no wine lasts long enough in this  house to require "cellaring", but I do know that the room would require a thermostat, so that you can "cellar" your wine at the appropriate temperature.  So calling this a wine cellar was a bit generous on the part of the old owners....really it was just a small  room with fancy doors and panelling on the walls.  I really wasn't sure WHAT to do with it!  It stored a lot of stuff for awhile,  and looked like this:

We had stored two bookshelves in there, and one day it struck me.....we could just leave those shelves in that room, and make it a mini craft room  for me.  So this mess became this:

I bought these baskets with white board on them, so you can  write down the contents. I have ribbon, craft supplies, a variety of different things,  and the top houses my jewelry on displays.

In the corner I have gift wrap, gift bags,  and basket wrap

the nook in  one corner is perfect as a wrapping station.  I bought tension curtain rods to  hang tissue from.  Underneath are rolling carts that house gift tags,  decorations etc.

The other nook is a little messy right now, I use it for mailing supplies and excess jewelry.

and, in the spirit of full disclosure, there is my "I don't know what to do with these things" corner, where things live if they fit into the space.  It was hard moving into this house...much less storage than I was used to.

One of these days I'm  going to grout that shelf (a mosaic I made awhile back) and do something with it!

Monday, January 23, 2012

House Tour - first stop - the Basement!

I've never really properly shown everyone a tour of our house, which we moved into one year ago, in January 2011.  We have done some renos -- most notably the kitchen,  which was completely gutted and redone.  Other rooms we wallpapered, painted, we moved our washer/dryer unit from a tight fit laundry room on the main floor, to the basement....and redid that main floor laundry room  into a mudroom.   We still have the master bath to  redo, but otherwise, we are done.

So,  I thought I'd do a series of blog posts, and show you the house.  We will start from the bottom up:


This is what it looked like when we came to view the house:

and this is what it looks like now.... (slightly different angle)

another view..... (Rufus wouldn't move)

we really liked the yellow sectionals that they had,  so, seeing as we had planned to buy new furniture for the basement, we didn't change any of the paint colours etc. we just bought sofas and chairs to match.  This is an IDEAL place for family movie night,  it's  the best TV in the house,  and so of course Limefreckle Jr. pretty much has taken over this room for himself.

this was before.....

and now.. (again, with the dog....)

I took these pictures after the house had just been cleaned.  I am lucky enough to have a cleaning lady every week.  Literally MINUTES after I took these pics....this is what was going on....

and the floor looked like this.....

and it will  most likely remain that way, until NEXT week when I run around like a lunatic the morning that the cleaning lady is due to arrive, and put everything back into those baskets.

Stay tuned for my next blog post.....what we did with the wine cellar..... (again, with the dog....)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Pinterest Picks

I seem to be starting a trend on Fridays, listing my favourite Pinterest finds.  Here's is what spoke to me this week..... 

love this little door, found it thru my Mom.  Must try to make this come summertime.
Pinned here.

Well  said.  Pinned here

great storage idea!  Pinned here

another pin I got from my Mom.   She gives me lots of decorating inspiration! 
Pinned here.

These look so yummy!  Must try!  Pinned here

And this made me smile.  Pinned here

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Workshop update

I've listed this new necklace in my pretty, love the aqua colour of these Swarovski crystals,  called Pacific Opal. 

If you are interested, you can find it here.  Watch for more to be posted soon, I made a bunch this style, in different colours.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swarovski crystal earring tutorial

One of the really great things about being a jewelry designer, is that you always having something appropriate for every outfit.  I've been known to sit down a few minutes before I leave the house, to whip up a pair of earrings to go with my ensemble.

These took a little longer than a couple of minutes to make, I needed something to wear to a recent Christmas/birthday party we attended, so these earrings were born. 

I'm  not gonna lie, cutting the tiny sterling silver chain to each be the exact length can be a PITA, but otherwise these were a breeze to make.

If you are NOT interested in making them yourself....fear not, I can make them for you!  You can find them listed here in my shop.

First, I will give you a list of supplies:

2 18mm crystal swarovski nuggets, the swarovski code is 5520 graphic if you are looking for the exact bead.  Any large nugget will do.

Small chain, I used  1mm by 0.5mm.  THAT is why it was such a pain to cut!  I cut up 10 2" sections,  used 5 per earring to create the tassel.  The small chain, I think, is essential to creating the tassel.

I  also used 22 gauge silver wire to thread the swarovski nugget on.   22 gauge is my favourite gauge to work with,  but 20 would be good too.   18 is just a bit TOO heavy, and 24 too  light, but if that's what you have on hand,  then go for it.

thread the small chain onto the bottom of the wire,  double wrapping it for strength. I ALWAYS double wrap my loops, I think that it's imperative if you are wanting to make jewelry to last, and it's really not that difficult to do.  If you're not sure how, search You Tube, I'm sure you will find a tutorial of this technique.  Thread an earwire at the top end, double wrap again, then repeat the process for the second earring.

That's it!  Really,  like I said, the cutting of the chain to be sure it was all the exact same length was what was time consuming about this project.   Otherwise it's easy-peasy!   Hope you enjoy, and if you do recreate this I would love to see pictures!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Non-essential spending pledge - update

I'm not gonna lie,  this non-essential  spending pledge has been pretty hard so far.....and I'm only half way through month one!  I thought when I took the pledge it would be a piece of cake.....but no, not so much! I am finding myself struggling more and more with what I consider to be "non essential"  I've lost a fair amount of weight recently, and am continuing down that clothes are getting looser and what point do I replace them?  I am very proud of all the hard work I have done to get myself to this point.....walking around in schleppy clothes just doesn't seem like I'm honouring my hard work very much!  So I bought myself some new clothes, only to feel guilty that I'm  not following "the pledge".

So, I'm re-evaluating........I think I would be much better off using a cash envelope system to give myself a certain amount of money each month......that way I'm not just saying "I'm not spending any money" because let's face it, that's not really realistic, and isn't going to last for the long term....there are going to be things that I want to buy, so I might as well budget for them.

I'm  going to sit down today and portion out my money for the next 2 weeks, I think this system will work much better for me!  Will keep you updated as I go along....

Monday, January 16, 2012

The Good Ole' Hockey Game, it's the best game you can name....

Mr. Limefreckle and I don't really vacation very often.  But we do, every once in awhile, have an overnight getaway.  This past Saturday was one such occasion.  Mr. Limefreckle had hockey tickets to see the Toronto Maple Leafs play the New York we dropped of Limefreckle Jr. for an overnight with his Nana, and headed to downtown Toronto.   I took pictures, but forgot my camera, and had to use my iphone 3.....definitely nothing to write home about in the camera department.....but I found some online images that will help me describe our evening....

We had reservations at my favourite hotel, Le Meridien King Edward ---- more commonly known as "The King Eddy".....we have stayed here before, luckily Mr. Limefreckle has a contact, and we can always get a good rate.  And yes, found this picture on their website, most definitely my iphone 3 did NOT capture the lobby looking this good!

We knew we were in for a nice treat when we saw that our room was at the end of the hall with double doors.......a suite!

Our suite wasn't  quite as fancy as this one, and there wasn't anyone doing turn down service when we arrived....but you get the was HUGE!

It was VERY cold on Saturday night.  Winter had to choose the one time we head out for the night to arrive.  No snow storm though,  the last time I was downtown overnight I was meeting my cousin from Thunder Bay and we stayed at the King Eddy that night too.  It was a huge snowstorm that night, but being two strong Northern Ontario girls we braved the elements and walked up Yonge Street to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe.....we felt perfectly in our element....

Anyway, it was too cold to go exploring, so we chose to have a drink in the bar at the hotel.....very cozy.....

Mr. Limefreckle, the workaholic, is actually relaxing....

Then it was time to head over to the game.  I bundled up!  That North Face jacket is REALLY warm!

We walked over to the game, about 10 minutes away.  One thing about downtown Toronto.  Although I am a Northern girl, and am used to the cold, there is something about those wind tunnels that all the tall buildings create that make the city seem SOOOO much colder! I worked downtown for 15 years and was instantly reminded exactly how cold it can get down there!

We had reservations at the Air Canada Club, which is a restaurant in the Air Canada Centre.  It's fun, it's at the end of the arena, you have a great view overlooking the rink.....

Dinner was good....then on to our seats to watch the game.  Sadly, the Rangers dominated....and the Leafs lost.  But it's always fun to watch a game live.  This particular night was Canadian Armed Forces night, and the pregame show was wonderful!  A jeep drove onto the ice to deliver the puck, storm troopers descended from the rafters.....all very exciting!  A huge Flag was unfurled in the crowd, Mr.Limefreckle said they do  that at all the games now.....I thought it was just for that night....but either way, we felt proud to be Canadian!

The game would have been a whole lot more exciting if the Leaf's had won.....but it was fun to experience it live.....

we had great seats, not far up behind the net

Fortunately we were lucky enough to be seated behind two very exuberant Leaf fans!  You know the types, the more they drink, the more they feel the need to  critique the skills of the players on the ice!  I always find it amusing.......It doesn't appear that these two had ever been drafted to the NHL, so I'm not exactly sure what gives fans the expertise to judge the professionals....but it makes for an interesting evening!  These 2 had hockey gloves on that doubled as cup holders......they had me laughing, although poor Mr. Limefreckle, who was seated right behind them,  had to keep ducking and bobbing,  because anytime any action happened at the net, they were on their feet, coaching the players all they way!

After the game we went to check out the new bar beside the rink....but there was a line up to get in.  I haven't stood in a line up since I was about 19.  At some point in my life it seemed silly to line up to give an establishment my money...but I do love the excitement of downtown on a Saturday night!

This is my pic from my iphone

not my iphone

We headed back to the hotel, this time through the underground path system, which was a whole lot cozier!  Back to our cozy suite, and cozy beds (the Kind Eddy has the most comfortable beds!!)  It was a fun night out, thank you Mr. Limefreckle!