Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cleanup part 2 - the Bathroom

After tackling my closet,  I moved on to our master bath. There aren't any pictures of the progress here, because our master bath is HIDEOUS!  I promise when we do our renovation, I will document it all, and take both before and after pics....but in the meantime,  trust me when I say that the teal green tiles and green melamine counter top will not be featured  on HGTV any time soon (unless it's a feature on  the world's worst bathroom).  We have much less space than we had in our old home, so I try to be really good at not keeping what I don't need.....but I haven't gone through that room since we moved in January last year, and it turns out I actually DID have a lot of stuff I didn't need.  I got rid of half empty bottles of product that I didn't like, hair clips I never used, rollers that had seen better days.  There is now much more room in  my little portion of the vanity.  there was even room  to move my hairdryer, flat iron and curling iron to MY side, so that Mr. Limefreckle doesn't have to fight with the cords.  I have a tall plastic container of drawers that houses all the rest of  my accoutrements.....yes, this bathroom  is classy!

After the purge,  I cleaned all my brushes. I filled the sink with warm water and a squirt of my facial cleanser, and washed all my makeup brushes, then refilled the sink with warm water and shampoo and cleaned all my hairbrushes. Baby shampoo is supposed to be good for both, but I didn't have any on hand.  Rinse everything,  then place on a towel to dry.  My face and hair are screaming thank you for finally attending to a job long overdue.