Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for 2012

I'm not doing resolutions this year.....I think "goals"  has a much more positive spin.....so here are my 2012 goals, or wish list of things I would like to accomplish:

1)  Start photographing and listing new jewelry on a more regular basis.  I'm going to aim to list one new item each day on my Etsy site. I hope to set aside one day a week to photograph items,  and another day for listings.

2)  start up a second Etsy site for supplies.  I have SO many jewelry supplies that I may or may not use, so why not try and sell  some of my excess?  I vow to get a new site up and running by the end of January.  Again, my goal for this site will be to list one new item per day.

3)  Blog 5x per week.   This could be a hard one....but I'm going to give it a try.  I'd really like to get more tutorials up, both jewelry designs and decorating ideas. 

4)  Take an in depth photography course.  I have taken a couple of courses at Henry's and learned a lot, enough to know that I need more intensive help.  My goal this year is to take a course at a community college, maybe in the spring.

5)  Learn some new jewelry techniques.   For years I've been thinking about enrolling in a metalsmithing course.  Would also love to learn how to use sterling silver clay.    I hope to have completed at least one of these courses by the end of 2012.

6)  Continue to lose weight.   I've lost almost 40lbs. since August, I'm feeling great, and I want to continue down this path.  I'm not setting any concrete goals, (approx. 30 more lbs. would be nice) but
I'll know when I get to my ideal weight when I get there, so for now I just take one week at a time, and as long as my health and fitness is improving, that's OK with me!

7)  Home Decor....since moving into this house in January 2011, we have pretty much everything finished, the kitchen was renovated, rooms were repainted.  We still have one big renovation to complete, and that is the master bathroom.  I'm hoping by summer 2012 it will be finished, and I will  document the progress on my blog.

8)  Stop questioning myself.  I need to just continue on with my blogging adventures and my online shop, and stop thinking that I can't do it....I CAN do it, I AM doing it!  Sometimes it's hard to blog, it feels silly, I think "who's reading this anyway?"  But it also feels right.....so I'm doing it, and if no one likes it, well, that's OK, that's their prerogative...as long as it is filling a space in my life...then it's working!  And I'm sure at least a couple family members enjoy it!


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