Thursday, January 26, 2012

House Tour - The Craft cellar

When we bought the house, "a roughed in wine cellar" was part of the description in the listing.  Now I don't know much about wine cellars,  no wine lasts long enough in this  house to require "cellaring", but I do know that the room would require a thermostat, so that you can "cellar" your wine at the appropriate temperature.  So calling this a wine cellar was a bit generous on the part of the old owners....really it was just a small  room with fancy doors and panelling on the walls.  I really wasn't sure WHAT to do with it!  It stored a lot of stuff for awhile,  and looked like this:

We had stored two bookshelves in there, and one day it struck me.....we could just leave those shelves in that room, and make it a mini craft room  for me.  So this mess became this:

I bought these baskets with white board on them, so you can  write down the contents. I have ribbon, craft supplies, a variety of different things,  and the top houses my jewelry on displays.

In the corner I have gift wrap, gift bags,  and basket wrap

the nook in  one corner is perfect as a wrapping station.  I bought tension curtain rods to  hang tissue from.  Underneath are rolling carts that house gift tags,  decorations etc.

The other nook is a little messy right now, I use it for mailing supplies and excess jewelry.

and, in the spirit of full disclosure, there is my "I don't know what to do with these things" corner, where things live if they fit into the space.  It was hard moving into this house...much less storage than I was used to.

One of these days I'm  going to grout that shelf (a mosaic I made awhile back) and do something with it!