Monday, January 23, 2012

House Tour - first stop - the Basement!

I've never really properly shown everyone a tour of our house, which we moved into one year ago, in January 2011.  We have done some renos -- most notably the kitchen,  which was completely gutted and redone.  Other rooms we wallpapered, painted, we moved our washer/dryer unit from a tight fit laundry room on the main floor, to the basement....and redid that main floor laundry room  into a mudroom.   We still have the master bath to  redo, but otherwise, we are done.

So,  I thought I'd do a series of blog posts, and show you the house.  We will start from the bottom up:


This is what it looked like when we came to view the house:

and this is what it looks like now.... (slightly different angle)

another view..... (Rufus wouldn't move)

we really liked the yellow sectionals that they had,  so, seeing as we had planned to buy new furniture for the basement, we didn't change any of the paint colours etc. we just bought sofas and chairs to match.  This is an IDEAL place for family movie night,  it's  the best TV in the house,  and so of course Limefreckle Jr. pretty much has taken over this room for himself.

this was before.....

and now.. (again, with the dog....)

I took these pictures after the house had just been cleaned.  I am lucky enough to have a cleaning lady every week.  Literally MINUTES after I took these pics....this is what was going on....

and the floor looked like this.....

and it will  most likely remain that way, until NEXT week when I run around like a lunatic the morning that the cleaning lady is due to arrive, and put everything back into those baskets.

Stay tuned for my next blog post.....what we did with the wine cellar..... (again, with the dog....)