Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Non-essential spending pledge - update

I'm not gonna lie,  this non-essential  spending pledge has been pretty hard so far.....and I'm only half way through month one!  I thought when I took the pledge it would be a piece of cake.....but no, not so much! I am finding myself struggling more and more with what I consider to be "non essential".....ie.  I've lost a fair amount of weight recently, and am continuing down that road.....my clothes are getting looser and looser....at what point do I replace them?  I am very proud of all the hard work I have done to get myself to this point.....walking around in schleppy clothes just doesn't seem like I'm honouring my hard work very much!  So I bought myself some new clothes, only to feel guilty that I'm  not following "the pledge".

So, I'm re-evaluating........I think I would be much better off using a cash envelope system to give myself a certain amount of money each month......that way I'm not just saying "I'm not spending any money" because let's face it, that's not really realistic, and isn't going to last for the long term....there are going to be things that I want to buy, so I might as well budget for them.

I'm  going to sit down today and portion out my money for the next 2 weeks, I think this system will work much better for me!  Will keep you updated as I go along....