Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Swarovski crystal earring tutorial

One of the really great things about being a jewelry designer, is that you always having something appropriate for every outfit.  I've been known to sit down a few minutes before I leave the house, to whip up a pair of earrings to go with my ensemble.

These took a little longer than a couple of minutes to make, I needed something to wear to a recent Christmas/birthday party we attended, so these earrings were born. 

I'm  not gonna lie, cutting the tiny sterling silver chain to each be the exact length can be a PITA, but otherwise these were a breeze to make.

If you are NOT interested in making them yourself....fear not, I can make them for you!  You can find them listed here in my shop.

First, I will give you a list of supplies:

2 18mm crystal swarovski nuggets, the swarovski code is 5520 graphic if you are looking for the exact bead.  Any large nugget will do.

Small chain, I used  1mm by 0.5mm.  THAT is why it was such a pain to cut!  I cut up 10 2" sections,  used 5 per earring to create the tassel.  The small chain, I think, is essential to creating the tassel.

I  also used 22 gauge silver wire to thread the swarovski nugget on.   22 gauge is my favourite gauge to work with,  but 20 would be good too.   18 is just a bit TOO heavy, and 24 too  light, but if that's what you have on hand,  then go for it.

thread the small chain onto the bottom of the wire,  double wrapping it for strength. I ALWAYS double wrap my loops, I think that it's imperative if you are wanting to make jewelry to last, and it's really not that difficult to do.  If you're not sure how, search You Tube, I'm sure you will find a tutorial of this technique.  Thread an earwire at the top end, double wrap again, then repeat the process for the second earring.

That's it!  Really,  like I said, the cutting of the chain to be sure it was all the exact same length was what was time consuming about this project.   Otherwise it's easy-peasy!   Hope you enjoy, and if you do recreate this I would love to see pictures!