Monday, February 13, 2012

Another Blog giveaway!

I decided in January that I would do a giveway each month, either here on my site, or thru other blogs that I read.  My giveaway for February is being hosted at a new blog I've been following, Born to Be Styled.   Laura picked the giveaway, and she decided to go with the same necklace from my contest in January.

  To participate in the giveway, go to Laura's Blog and enter.  You can get extra entries by liking Limefreckle on Facebook and by following my blog, you need to let her know that you've done these things in order to participate.  You can find all the entry details here

If you are a fellow blogger, and want to do a giveaway with me, please contact me and we can talk about it!


Kimi said...

Seriously I have zero attention span because I did not even realize you made jewelry. Which is bad, because it's right there in the sidebar. I need a nap...or two... lol

Do you do custom??