Thursday, February 9, 2012

House Tour - the Kitchen

I got a bit off track lately, and haven't posted any more house pictures, so here is the next stop on our tour.  The Kitchen.  We totally gutted and renovated the kitchen that came with the house.  When we moved, our previous kitchen was HUGE - I think I remember wanting to replace all the cabinet knobs and I needed about we had tons of cupboard and drawer space.  In fact, here is a picture I saved from  when the house was listed.  I need to get myself a wide angle lens so I can take pictures of entire rooms like this!!!

The kitchen was one of my favourite places in the old house.  It needed upgraded counter tops, we never got around to doing that, and I had always wanted to take out the peninsula (not shown) and expand the island, there was lots of room to do that....but, again, never got around to it.    But it was a bright and sunny room, I had a TON of storage space.  There were 2 other banks of cupboards in the eating area.  I hand painted that quote above the said "Never eat more than you can lift" Miss always made me smile.....I wonder if the new owners left it there?

So when we looked at our new house, we were nervous!  There was probably less than half of the storage space, and we didn't think the kitchen was going to be large enough.  We only took a couple of before pictures, they don't really give you a full view, but they give an idea of what the cupboards looked like before:

The cupboards were in great shape, and very nice, but we felt that all that space around the top was valuable storage space that we could use.  I loved the backsplash too, but seeing as we were ripping everything out, we couldn't really work around it.  My friend had recently redone her kitchen, and she told me about Habitat for Humanity.  They came and removed EVERYTHING free of charge.  So the cupboards, which were in good shape,  weren't just thrown away, and we didn't have to do the demo ourselves, or pay anyone to do it!  They even disconnected the water for us so everything was good to go for our contractor.

Here's another pic of the old kitchen....

and here is the new kitchen:

I really have to hone my photography will notice each picture is slightly tilted, and I'm too lazy to go into photoshop to fix it....

I still need to find some sort of window covering, I've been thinking a dark brown bamboo shade of sorts might give some different texture.  The counter tops are quartz and I LOVE them!!  Oh, and that's what is called a money tree on the counter....our old neighbour brought it as a housewarming gift, I must call him and point out that NO MONEY has grown on it yet....

I love the glass tops, just a hint on these cabinets.  We had to reconfigure everything for a gas stove, and then find a microwave with a fan strong enough for a gas stove, so we could do this mounted microwave - I didn't want to lose any valuable counter space.  The old kitchen had a peninsula between the eating area and kitchen area that we removed.  That took away a bit of space, but I'm so glad our kitchen contractor suggested it, because I think this is more modern.


The whole kitchen is cream and brown, there aren't many accent colours except for this turquoise, which I think is a nice pop of colour.  That container for utensils is actually a planter, I find most containers made specifically for utensils are never big enough.  This works perfectly.

And this is the eating area.  We got the chairs at Costco, and the table was one of my Kijiji finds, I talked about those here.  the drapes are store bought panels, can't remember where I got them, I think Bowrings.

here is the old eating area....

And the new area.    That's a store bought message centre, and of course a TV, the old owners had one in that spot, so instead of covering up the hole, we put one there too.  It works well if I want to cook along with Rachel Ray.

I forgot I have one more turquoise accent -- this little hook that I got at Pier 1 - it holds the dog's towel by the door, because his paws get wiped when he comes back in!

So that's the kitchen.......please, let me know what you think!  I know it's not a DIY, but even though we didn't do the hard work of installation, I did pick everything out....that's gotta count for something!


Kimi said...

GORGEOUS! I love it!!! I want to make a hook like that to hang at the end of my funky hallway. There is like an 8 inch wall between two doors and I want to hang my purse there. Which sounds weird, I know...but you'd have to see it to get it probably.

Limefreckle said...

you could definitely do a DIY for that....I would use a long board, and hang 2 or 3 old doorknobs on it, and you could use it for you and the kids.....I've never really looked for old doorknobs, but I'm sure either antique stores or thrift stores must carry them.....or one of those habitat type store that carries stuff for the house....if you end up doing it, post about it!