Sunday, February 26, 2012

I've been on a knitting spree!

Lately I can't seem to stop knitting!  Here are a few of the things I've been making....

I found this pattern on pinterest.  The original pattern uses a multi coloured yarn, which probably does show off the stitches better (just a random purl/knit pattern, nothing complicated).  I had some of this Patons Chunky yarn laying around so I used this. Here is a link to the original pattern:

original pattern found here

The next scarf I made in two different yarns.......  this one in a grey chunky yarn (I think it was Patons as well) is almost TOO chunky --- but very cozy on a cold day, and can be pulled up over your head as hood if you want to

I found this pattern at Ravelry, it's a great site with lots of patterns that are free.  The original looks like this:

find the pattern here

I also made it using a multi coloured yarn, this yarn isn't quite as thick as the grey, the scarf came out a lot stretchier and looser, which would be better on a not so cold day.

then I decided I wanted a I made up a pattern, and came up with this:

Limefreckle Jr. took a picture of me.....keep in mind, this is Sunday,  no make up or shower yet!

hopefully Spring will be here soon and I can start to wear this!  I'm currently working on another pattern that I found on pinterest, I'll post a picture when I'm finished.  This is the pattern:

red Heart Capelet pattern found here

I'm  using a multi coloured yarn and it's coming along very nicely.  If I stay up watching the oscars tonight maybe I will finish it!