Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Making new friends

I've spoken here before about Limefreckle Jr. and his struggles with Autism.  One of the hardest things for him has been fitting in with "typical" kids......when he was in public school, he did have a few friends, but his disability and inability to communicate the way they did often got in the way.  He's been in a private school for a few years now, and is making huge strides, but doesn't actually often meet "typical" kids, so hasn't had a lot of opportunities to socialize with new friends.

Our  house backs onto a park, and he loves to play there.  I've been trying to back off, and let him play there on his own, although as a mom it's so hard to just let him out into the cruel hard world, without having me to buffer any issues that might come up. But he's been proving to me lately that he is up to the task.  Lately he's been making new friends at the park, typical kids, that are his age, that play with him happily.  It's the first time, in  his almost 11 years, that I've seen him go out and meet new people, all on his own.....and it just makes me beam with pride!  He introduced me to 2 of his new buddies yesterday, and made plans to meet them at the park again today.   This is such a normal and typical part of childhood for most kids, but for us this is just such a huge milestone!  I'm so proud of the young man he is becoming......I've learned a lot from him!  One thing about having a kid on the spectrum....I've learned to really savour the little things that probably many parents just take for granted, and I'm forever grateful to have this sweet boy in my life!

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I am smiling with pride for you and your little man.

Linda J