Friday, March 2, 2012

Where are all our important Family Documents?

I saw a great post on a new blog I've been reading  called Echoes of Laughter.  She created a binder for all her most important papers.  You can see her full blog post here.

Recently, we had to renew our passports, and I couldn't find Limefreckle Jr's birth certificate ANYWHERE!  I ended up having to order a new one (so impressed with how fast that arrived) and now we all have shiny new passports, ready for travel.  I have them safely stored in this new binder, and when I find all the OTHER important papers that should go into this binder (seriously, this binder is pretty much empty right now, there are quite a few important papers that I have no idea what I did with! But when I find them, well there is a home for them here!!!

I labelled a bunch of sheet protectors, to go inside the binder. Bought a new binder at Walmart, and voila, instant file!