Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Where has the time gone?

I'm embarrassed at how little I've posted.....the past couple of months seem to have just flown by!  Limefreckle Jr. finished school for the summer.  As I've mentioned before, he goes to a private school for kids on the Autism spectrum.  It is very small, only 12 students at a time (this past year we had 10, next year only 5 so far!)  We always have a big graduation at the end of every year, to say goodbye to those children graduating or moving on to other schools, and to promote each child to the next grade.....it's always a fun time, all pasts students and families are also invited to attend.  This year was special because we said goodbye to our program director, who retired in November.  Our formal "goodbye" was done at the graduation.  This woman was an absolute angel....I consider her my Mother Theresa!  She was the reason we chose to move to this school, from the public system.  She helped to calm me,  comfort me, and give me hope.  She is able to communicate with all of these children in such a respectful manner, and she always gets the best out of all of them. She said her philosophy is if you give them challenges and have faith in them, they will always rise to the occasion.  Many teachers may have an effect on you over the years, but this woman is truly the cream of the crop!  (I'm not posting pics and her name her, because I haven't discussed my little "blog tribute" to her, and don't want to post things without her permission!)

So now Limefreckle Jr. has moved on to grade 6.....we had an interim director for the remainder of the school year, a protege of the previous director, however she has moved on to take another position, so we are waiting to hear who our new "angel" will be.  I'm sure they will pick someone who fits the bill perfectly,  It's such a small little school, we truly do become family with the teachers and the other families there.  It's been such a wonderful experience, and Limefreckle Jr. has made such huge strides in the pasts 3 years, I can't even imagine the changes we will see in him over the next 3 years.....

So here it is, July 31st, and the summer is half over!  We have been so busy since graduation, up to Northern Ontario to visit my parents for a couple of weeks, then Limefreckle Jr. was off to Sports camp for 2 weeks (just a day camp, not overnight) and now finally we are home for a couple of weeks with no plans, until we head to Disneyworld for a week with my husband's family!   I'm tired just typing all of this out!  Here's a look at what we've been up to.....

Limefreckle Jr. receiving his certificate at graduation, for promotion to the next grade. 

fun at the beach

He is a FANTASTIC kayaker!

 Grandpa taught him to drive the Gator!  He took it very seriously....

 At Marineland with his best buddy.....

 We  celebrated Rufus' 6th birthday.....he got a new collar for the occasion!

 Relaxing up North

Showing off his diving skills!

So forgive me for not being around lately, I've just been too busy enjoying the summer!  Promise to try to post at least once a week until school starts again!