Sunday, September 16, 2012

Let's put a Pin in it!

This week I asked Limefreckle Jr. if he wanted to do something, and he said "hmmm, yes, that sounds interesting....let's put a pin in that!"  He cracks me up, much of his language and phrases he uses is garnered from tv shows and movies, but he pulls it out at the most appropriate times, and never fails to get a reaction!  Anyway, I'm going to steal this phrase from  him, and use it for a new weekly feature I'm hoping to do.......I'm going to post my favourite pinterest pick of the week, but here's the catch....I'm not just going to mindlessly post a pin, I'm going to actually TRY the it a decorating idea, a recipe, what have you.....and I'm  going to post my results.  I'm constantly on pinterest, pinning away, but I realize I do NOT actually try the recipes and craft ideas that I've been posting.  Time to put things into action......

So, without further is my first pin that I've tried.....

I found this recipe via this blog.  I made these, and LOVED them...and I realized as I was writing this post, I forgot to add the cheese, which I will do when I reheat one.  I made 5, one I ate today and the remaining 4 are in the fridge, a quick way to have a filling breakfast.  I'm not following a paleo diet, so I had these between 2 slices of toasted whole wheat bread, but if you were eating low carb, add some sliced tomato and this would be great!

I give this pin a big THUMBS UP!